Tips to Help You Survive Without Running Water

One of the very first things that every prepper learns is the importance of stock piling enough clean water to last them for several days in event of an emergency. While storing enough water for one or two days isn’t a big deal, going several days without access to running water is more challenging. The good news is that there are tips to help you survive even when you don’t have running water.

Fill your Bathtub

Your bathtub is an excellent place to store an emergency supply of water. When the weather gets bad enough that you suspect your water and electricity will fail, you should fill up your bathtub with water. This will be enough to last you for a few days, especially if you’re conservative with your water usage.

Stock up on Bottled Water

It goes without saying that you should have several days, if not weeks, worth of bottled water on hand. This should be stored in an area that’s dark and relatively cool. After stocking up you need to periodically check the bottles and make sure they aren’t damaged.

Having plenty of water purification tablets on hand allows you to continue to drink water even if you run out of bottled water.

Toilet Tips

Set a wastebasket directly beside your toilet and use it for toilet paper rather than tossing it into the tank. The reason for this is to prevent your toilet from getting clogged with paper. The best way to prevent the soiled toilet paper from stinking up your bathroom, you should toss some baking soda into the wastebasket. When you want to flush your toilet, pour the water you’ve saved for the purpose into the tank rather than in the bowl. You’ll be surprised by how much this saves your water supply.

Switch to Paper Plates

Under most circumstance, preppers try to avoid using paper plates and plastic utensils, after all these items take a toll on the environment, but when it comes to a water shortage, you should change your methods. The disposable dishes prevent you from having to tap into your precious water supply just s you have clean dishes. You should also stick to preparing meals that can be prepared in a single pot.

Cleaning your Home

Sponges are a great way to clean up when you have plenty of water, but when the running water isn’t working, you should switch to rags which are more sanitary than improperly cleaned sponges.

Study up on Home Plumbing Repairs

Whenever the water stops working, it seems like when it comes back on, something goes wrong with the plumbing. Since making an appointment with a plumber during this time period is almost impossible, being able to handle the repairs on your own is always a good idea. You’ll find that managing your own plumbing repairs not only saves you a great deal of money, but also gives you a fantastic sense of accomplishment.

If do it yourself projects aren’t your cup of tea, check with your neighbors and find out if any of them have a knack for home repair projects and would be willing to help you out in exchange for something like freshly baked cookies.

Stock up on Hand Sanitizer

Bottled water isn’t the only thing you should stock up on. Buying hand sanitizer in bulk is also a really good idea. In addition to keeping a small bottle in your purse or pocket, you should also fill up your old soap dispensers with the stuff and make liberal use of it while you wait for your water to come back on.

Camp Showers

Camp showers provide you with a good way to take a hot shower even when you don’t have any running water in your home. All you have to do is heat some water and you’re ready to jump into the shower. You’ll be surprised by how much your kids enjoy the camp showers. They’ll think using them is a grand adventure.

The trick to getting through a period of time without running water is being prepared. Filling buckets with water when the weather gets bad and making sure you know where all of your supplies are beforehand is the key to staying healthy and relaxed during your water crisis.

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