How to Prep For a Drought

With warm weather approaching, drought is often a topic that will come to mind. When we don’t have enough water, it can cause more problems than just keeping our thirst at bay. A drought can cause crops to grow poorly, animals to suffer, and can make things difficult at home. Even water restrictions can cause unexpected issues if you aren’t prepared. Here are four things you can do right now to prepare for a drought.

Drink Plenty

First and foremost you need to keep yourself hydrated. If you aren’t drinking enough, it can cause you to get dehydrated, which can make you tired, have headaches, and cause other physical problems. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and check to make sure those in your family are doing the same. Older people and young children are especially vulnerable to dehydration.

Don’t Waste Water

This is a simple thing you can do to get into “drought mode” before one hits. Try using less water to do many of your basic tasks. Don’t let the water run while you are brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers or even shower every other day. Even just limiting shower length a few days a week can save a lot of water. You can use personal cleaning cloths or baby wipes to clean up on the days you don’t shower. Hand wash dishes instead of using the dishwasher. All of these can help not to waste water, so if you are put on water restriction, you won’t have to make as many concessions. We tend to waste a lot of water mindlessly. By being smart about water use, you can be ready to use less when it is a “have to” situation.

Store Water

Again, this is something you can do easily to plan ahead for a drought. Stock up on water bottles, and gallon jugs of water. Most experts recommend having enough water (about a gallon a day) for every person in your home for at least one week or more. While this water will be used mostly for drinking, you can also collect water in a rain barrel to use for other things like watering your garden or feeding animals, even flushing toilets. It’s also a good idea to have some water purification supplies and a good water filter on hand, in case you end up having to use pond or pool water. Think about how you will feed livestock or other animals on your property for an extended time if there is a drought, too, especially if they are a food source for your family.

Know When To Bug Out

If a drought situation gets severe enough, and your crops are not growing, there is little to no water, and no relief in sight, you may have to bug out and go elsewhere until the situation improves. If you have exhausted all other options and still find that you are struggling to survive the drought, this is your best chance of survival. You should have a plan in place prior to a drought. This would include possible places to go, how you would get there, and what preparations you would need to make to leave. Bugging out isn’t a failure. It’s just recognizing that you may have to leave for a time in order to thrive.

A drought can often be a very trying time. Planning ahead for these type of situations is smart and practical. All it takes is a little preparation and thinking wisely to make good preparations for a drought, and you should be able to weather it fine. How is your family prepping for a water shortage?

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