How to Pick the Best Water Filter

If you are looking for a water filter, there are many options on the market today. Some attach to your sink, and some can go right on to your water bottle. When you’re first navigating all the options, it can be overwhelming. Today, we’re going to break down the best water filters and how to find one that will work for you.

Why do you need a water filter?

People use water filters for a few reasons. One main reason is that a lot of our drinking water (especially if you are on city water and not a well) has lots of additives, and can sometimes have a strange taste, or be full of things like fluoride,that you don’t necessarily want to ingest. Using a water filter will allow you to strain out all that and drink pure water. Others might use a water filter if they live in a remote or rural area, and want to taste pure, clean, water. Finally, you might find yourself in need of a water filter if you are in a disaster situation and have to drink water from a pond, pool, or other water source for survival.

Now that you know the reasons behind using one, here are 6 that you can check out as you start your search:

Sawyer All in One Filter System

sawyer filter

This is an all in one kit that has attachments for water bottles, a large bucket, or even your kitchen faucet. It comes with two drinking spouts, too!

Life Straw Personal Water Filter


This is a great choice if you are an avid hiker or camper. You simply stick the Life Straw into the water you want to drink from, and sip through it. You can drink right out of a puddle pond. The Life Straw filters it for you as it moves upward to your mouth. It would be a great idea to have one of these in your emergency kit or bug out bag for every member of your family.

PUR 7 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

pur filter pitcher

If you like having a pitcher of water in the fridge at all times, this is a great purchase for you. Simply fill it with water from the sink, and let the filter work for you! This is budget friendly, at around $20, and you get clear, pure water for 2 months before you need to replace the filter. We had one of these pitchers for a while and we loved it!

Frontier Filter

frontier filter

This product works like the Life Straw, you can drink from any water source, and the water is filtered as it comes up through the straw. Again, this would make a great purchase for your bug out bag or disaster preps.

Water Basics Water Bottle

water basics bottle

A lot of people like to carry a water bottle with them when they are on the go. This water bottle filters the water as you drink. You have to bite on the straw to draw the liquid up, so you know you are getting a fresh drink every time.

SteriPen Rechargeable Handheld Water Purifier

steripen filter

Like the Life Straw and the Frontier Filter, this model filters right from the source. It will purify about 50 liters before you need to charge it up again, and has a USB outlet charger, so you can charge it at home or on the go. It uses UV rays to kill micro organisms or bacteria that might be in the water. This would be a great gift to give to someone who spends time on foreign mission trips, or spends a lot of time hiking and camping in the wild. That way they can have pure water wherever they are.

There are so many options for water filters on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed. These are just a few to get you started on your search!

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