The Best Water Purification Options For Your Bug Out Bag

As preppers, we spend a lot of time talking about the need for quality bug out bags. We have discussed at length why you need to have bug out bags ready and why you need to have bug out bags in your car for emergencies. And while we have covered almost every known area of the bug out bag, we have not spent a lot of time covering the basics of water purification.

Now to be fair we are well aware that purification is a hard process and there is no way to adequately handle this process with minimal tools. However it is possible to give yourself a better chance. So while we will be the first to tell you that there is always going to be risk in water purification and filtration, we are also going to tell you that you need to be willing to at least try and garner some water whenever you can. Here are some of the best options I’ve found for water purification that you can fit into a bug out bag.

  1. Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus

potable aqua

Tablets have been around for a long time and many, many people have tried them. This is a wonderful option for people that are trying to survive in the wild or for people that are simply trying to live off of the land. While they are not going to be fool proof and there is always a chance that there could be issues in the water that these tablets will not handle, it is still a good item to keep in your bug out bag. They are small and they are inexpensive. There is no reason to ignore them.

  1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


LifeStraw has been around for a few years now and they have a very good reputation. This item is very small and it can be packed in your bag without any problem. They can be somewhat expensive but I have been able to find these items for around 25 dollars in the past. They are rated to handle over 1000 liters of water and you can even use them to drink directly from a mud puddle if you are brave enough.

  1. Puralytics Solar Bag Water Purifier

solar bag

We all know that water needs to be purified when we gather it from an unknown source. But what are we supposed to do if we do not have the tablets or the straws to drink the water? Why not harness the power of the sun? This bag will use the sun to purify the water. It will hold up to 3 liters at one time and it works relatively quick. At only $79 dollars this is a must have item that could make survival much easier. Every bug out bag should include this tool.

  1. Ultimate Survival 5-Year Water Pouch

5 year water pouch

While the topic itself might be focused on water purification, there is no substitute for purified water itself. This is an item that has a long shelf life and it is super easy to pack. These packs have over 4 ounces of water in them and they can be stored in your bug out bag without much problem. They are light and they are small. Did I mention they are super strong as well?

  1. Flip Top Water Bottle With Filter

flip top water bottle

What better way to purify and store water than in your very own water bottle? It was always my thought that we should have a bottle that could do all the things we need. Now it is possible to carry the water you need and filter it all at the same time. These bottles are about 30 dollars but they are made of hardened plastic that will not break down very easily. Further, they have the ability to filter water directly from the source. That is a winning combination.

  1. Survivor Filter Pro Micron Water Purifier

survivor filter pro

This is a larger filtration system that might be a bit too large for some people. However it is one of the best filtration units you can imagine. Especially when you consider that it is small enough to fit inside most book bags. As the name says it has the ability to filter items as small as .01 microns in size. That is incredibly small. This unit has a great warranty and it also comes with a water carrying bag.

Do you have other water purification items included in your bug out bag? Share your favorites in the comments!

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