A Beginner’s Guide to Water Purification Tablets

Having access to clean water is critical for life. It hydrates our land, makes things grow, and is the lifeblood of our planet. We can’t survive without it. Think for just a minute about where you live. Most likely, you have constant access to clean water every day, and you don’t question that it’s safe for you and your loved ones. We need clean water for cooking, drinking, bathing, and all sorts of other things. In a survival situation you would need it for all of those things and more.  That’s why emergency preparedness experts recommend that you store at least two weeks worth of clean water for every person in your home.

But what happens when that water runs out? You could go through it faster than originally planned.  You could even find yourself in a location where you don’t have access to your stored water supply, or on the road with no local clean water source. You might be in a situation where the only water you have at your disposal may not be safe for drinking. In those kinds of situations, water purification tablets could literally save your life.

What Are Water Purification Tablets?

Water purification tablets easily dissolve in the water and make it pure enough to consume. These tablets can eliminate all kinds of parasites and bacteria, things that could harm you, or even kill you if you were to ingest them. Lots of times, hikers and campers will keep these on hand should they need to refill canteens or drinking bottles with water from a stream or lake. Most of the time, the main ingredient is chlorine or iodine, both of which are good at making water safe. Chlorine dioxide is another common tablet ingredient, and it seems to remove the most parasites or bacteria, but it takes longer to take effect than the chlorine or iodine tablets.

When to Use Them

Water purification tablets are especially helpful in a situation where you may have to drink water that has not been properly sterilized or treated. For example, you might live in an area where your drinking water is purified by a water treatment facility. If you community is hit with a natural disaster and the power is out for an extended period of time, any drinking water you have coming through your faucets is not going to be treated properly. If there has been no electricity to power the treatment plant, it puts water quality into question. This is why you might see a “boil water advisory” for some areas after a storm or power outage.

If there is no power, boiling water to purify it might not be an option, so you would need an alternative purification process. Or, if you have to drink water from a swimming pool, pond, or river, you may be subjecting yourself to dangerous polluted water that is not okay for consumption. In a situation like this, you’d want to be sure to keep some water purification tablets on hand for use in your home. You should also keep some in your bug out bag in case you have to leave home after a disaster, and you don’t know the water quality at your destination. What if you had to clean a wound with water in an emergency? You’d definitely want to make sure that water was as clean as possible! Using water purification tablets would definitely be a lifesaver in that situation.

Are They Fool Proof?

While water purification tablets may not be able to remove all parasites or harmful elements from the water, they will certainly help. Keep in mind that these tablets won’t take out any dirt or sediments in the water, so you should pour the water through a filter before using the tablets. You have to store the tablets correctly and be aware of any expiration dates. They can lose their potency over an extended length of time so make sure your tablets are not expired. You should always follow package instructions exactly when using them because improper use may lessen their effectiveness. Also, if you use tablets with iodine, use caution, as it can have harmful effects on those who are pregnant, or may have an allergy to iodine.

As you have seen, water purification tablets can be valuable assets to your survival kit arsenal. This is one item that can prove to be way more useful than you might imagine before a disaster or survival situation. If you don’t already have water purification tablets on hand, order some today! It could mean the difference between life and death for you and your family.

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