7 Best Water Storage Solutions For Beginning Preppers

Storing water is an essential part of emergency preparedness, but there are many methods available. You can store water through rain barrels, industrial style tanks, or even collapsible kits. So which option is best? If you are struggling to figure out which water storage method is right for your family, here are 7 of the best water storage options available for beginning preppers.

1. Aquapod Kit

aquapod kit

If you are short on space for water storage, the Aquapod Kit is the perfect solution. As soon as you know an emergency situation is likely to erupt, just fill up the Aquapod in your bathtub. It will hold 65 gallons of water and should be enough to last the average family for two weeks. Plus it’s much cheaper than buying the equivalent amount of bottled water and it doesn’t take up much space when it isn’t in use.

2. Ultimate 250 Gallon Water Tank

Ultimate_250_Gallon_Emergency_Water_TankYou won’t run out of water anytime soon when you have this massive tank filled with 250 gallons of water. It will provide all the water you need for hydration, cooking, and hygiene purposes in a survival situation where you are bugging in. Best of all, you will only need a small amount of space to store it. In fact, it fits in the same floor space as a basic 55-gallon drum, even though it holds nearly five times more water.

3. National Geographic Water Storage Kit

National Geographic Water Storage kit

National Geographic knows survival so you can have full confidence in this high quality 55-gallon water barrel. It comes with a siphon pump to allow you quick and easy access to your water supplies. The barrel is made from food-grade polyethylene and has no BPA so you can store water without fear of any contaminants of toxins. Best of all, you get two bottles of water treatment drops included to make sure your stored water is safe for human consumption.

4. Reliance Collapsible Water Carrier

Reliance collapsible carrierIf you plan to bug out instead of hunkering down at home, you need a heavy duty container to transport water back and forth to your camp. Reliance has created a top of the line collapsible water carrier that is leak-proof and easy to pour with a simple spigot and a convenient on/off switch. The container will easily hold two and a half gallons of water for hydration during your travels. Because it’s collapsible, it is easy to pack in your bug out gear so you are never left searching for a vessel to transport water to your campsite.

5. Waterbrick Stackable Storage Containers


When you are storing a lot of water for emergencies, you need a convenient way to stack your containers up and get them out of the way. These waterbricks are the ultimate prepper innovation. Each container holds 3.5 gallons of water and you can stack them together to grow your water supplies over time.

6. 50 Gallon Portable Rain Barrel

50 gallon portable rain barrel

You have an endless supply of water just waiting to be collected every time it rains. This portable rain barrel makes water collection simple. Just place it beneath a gutter downspout and you can quickly collect 50 gallons of water to use for your garden of hygiene. Best of all, this barrel can collapse for easy, discreet storage when it isn’t in use. It also comes with a mesh screen that fits over the top to filter out any debris.

7. 86 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel

86 gallon collapsible rain barrelIf you want a larger rain barrel, check out this 86-gallon model. It’s actually very portable and has a convenient spout and tap to disperse just the amount of water you need.

These are 7 of the best water storage containers available for beginning preppers. What supplies do you use to store water for your family?

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