How to Preserve Home Grown Herbs

One of the most awesome things about growing your own fruits and vegetables is being able to preserve them to enjoy throughout the year. It helps your budget, and home grown food just tastes better. The same is true for herbs that you grow at home. They can be harvested and dried, which extends their shelf life. Drying is the go-to method of preserving herbs. Dried herbs can be crushed and ground and used in cooking, teas, and for medicinal purposes. There are several techniques used to dry herbs. Here are 3 basic drying methods to help you preserve your home grown herbs.

Hang Drying

This is an easy method to dry your herbs. Simply take a few stalks (no more than 5 or 6), tie them at the stems, and hang upside down to dry. You don’t want to hang them in direct sunlight, or in a warm room. This can cause them to lose fragrance and flavor, and will defeat the purpose of drying them for later use. Try doing this in a closed off, unused room. Avoid doing this in a bathroom as the moisture will not be good for the herbs either. If you do decide to hang them outside, put them down in a paper bag with holes to protect them from the sunlight. Hanging herbs this way to dry also makes a pretty decoration for your home.

Food Dehydrator Drying

This is another easy way to dry all of your herbs. Put them in a single layer in the dehydrator and let the machine do the hard part! It is probably a good idea to dry different kinds of herbs separately so strong fragrances don’t blend with the milder ones. Start out at around 95 degrees, since herbs don’t need

Microwave Drying

This is the quickest way to Tutuapp APK dry your herbs, hands down. Just place a single layer of herbs out on a paper towel and microwave them in several 30 second increments, checking them often. It will take around three minutes for them to dry completely. Use caution not to let them scorch or get too dry. You don’t want to cause a fire!

Once your herbs are dry, don’t crush them. You want to store them whole until you are ready to use them. Crushing them early will kill some of the fragrance and flavors. Be sure to store them in some type of air tight container, like glass canning jars or snap shut food storage bins. Glass is usually a better option since the smell doesn’t cling to glass like it would in plastic containers.

As far as shelf life, at room temp, dried herbs will last about a year: enough time to last until you grow some next season. Dried herbs can be frozen, too, as long as all the moisture is out of them before sealing up to freeze. In the freezer they will be fine for about 18 months. When you want to use some, crush them in your hand, or grind them up with a rolling pin inside a plastic baggie and then use as directed.

Drying your herbs is a wonderful way to save money, too, as you won’t have to rush out to the store if you need a certain one for a recipe or want to try a natural remedy. You’ll have your own stored right at home!

Have you tried drying herbs?

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