7 Best Solar Chargers

In a power outage, you generally depend on batteries to power your electronic items like cell phones, flashlights, and radios. But after some time, these batteries will run down, and if the power is still out, you had better have backup batteries, or a way to recharge the ones you already have. One way you can do this is by using a solar charger.

A solar charger is just what sounds like – a charger that harnesses the power of the sun to charge objects. No plug in, cord, or electrical power needed. Not only are these really neat, they are also something every emergency kit should have. An extended power outage could be disastrous in many ways, but a solar charger could allow you to power some items for an extended period. Here are 7 of the best solar chargers on the market today and most of them are under $40!

  1. Universal Solar Charger

universal solar charger

This charger is universal, which means can recharge smart phones, mp3 players, and other devices, which is great if your family has several different kinds of phones. It is compact, too, which I love. It can fit easily in a bug out bag, emergency kit, or in your glove box without taking up much room. It’s perfect for hikers and campers, too!

  1. All Powers Solar Panel Charger

all power solar panel

This solar charger is great for the person on the go because it has rapid charging technology. Rather than leaving something plugged in for half the day, you can be charged and ready to go in a couple of hours. You can plug in your phone while eating breakfast at the campsite, and have a full charge by the time you are packed up and loaded to go home. It is also a universal charger, so it fits all kinds of devices.

  1. COTTEE Rain Resistant Dirt Proof Shockproof Portable Charger

rain resistant charger

I love this one for several reasons. It’s small, and can be clipped on to your belt loop, backpack, or key chain. It’s rain proof, which means if you get caught in an unexpected downpour, it’s not going to be ruined. It’s dirt proof and shockproof, so you can take it camping or hiking and it won’t get damaged. This is the ideal charger for a hiker or camper, and it’s budget friendly. For less than $15, you can get a solar charger that fits lots of devices, and fits your needs.

  1. Anker Foldable Outdoor Solar Charger

anker foldable charger

This one is a little bigger than some of the models out there, but it does fold down for travel and storage. This one has a neat feature that can detect your device to charge it at optimum speed. It has eye holes on the sides so you can attach it to your gear or to a bug out bag.

  1. Levin Solpad Travel Solar Charging Kit

levin solpad

This one is great for those who love Apple products. It has all of the features of the other panel chargers, but also has an external backup battery pack for the iPhone 6, 6s, and the Samsung Galaxy Note. Perfect for the smart phone user who loves to camp and hike. It would also be great for families who might use their iPhone to play games or listen to music during a power outage.

Don’t Forget the Battery Chargers!

These last 2 are different as they are not a panel chargers for devices. They are for alkaline batteries, like those in flashlights and radios. If you purchase one of these chargers, go ahead and also invest in good quality rechargeable batteries, too. Rechargeable batteries are always a good idea for high drain devices like cameras, radios, and flashlights. Not only do they save money over the long run, you don’t have to worry about being out of batteries if you have rechargeable ones!

  1. Solar World Handy Pocket 9 Volt Battery Charger

handy pocket solar charger

Some items like smoke alarms, radios, and other household gadgets run on 9-volt batteries. This is a budget friendly charger just for 9-volts. It’s a great item for the emergency kit, tool shed, or tool box.

  1. Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger

battery charger

This particular model is actually for rechargeable batteries, like AA, AAA, and C. It charges 11 different kinds of batteries, so it is a must have for any emergency kit! If you have this, and a good stock of rechargeable batteries, you will be set!

These 7 chargers give you a good idea of what is out there in the way of solar chargers. Most of them are very budget friendly, and can charge many kinds of electronics. Any of these would be a good choice if you are looking to add a solar charger to your preparedness kit.

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