15 Best Campfire Recipes

If camping is one of your hobbies, then chances are campfire cooking is one thing you’ve spent a lot of time doing.  Whether it was roasting hot dogs or toasting marshmallows to make s’mores, cooking over an open fire is a fun family activity that can produce a tasty result. Knowing how to prepare a meal using a campfire isn’t just for the campground or the backyard fire pit. It’s a valuable survival skill that you need to know.  What would you do if you found yourself in a situation with no electricity, but needed to cook for your family to survive? Cooking over a campfire would be your only option!

There are thousands and thousands of recipes on the web for campfire cooking. You can find some for every meal of the day, and even desserts. If you’re new to camp cooking, you will probably need to borrow or purchase a few basic camp ready cooking supplies like a Dutch oven, metal roasting sticks, and plenty of aluminum foil.  Here are 15 of the best campfire recipes that you can use to feed your family on a weekend getaway or when you’re in survival mode.

1. Banana Boats

banana boats

This easy, delicious dessert has just three ingredients – bananas, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Simply partially split open the peel and stuffing the chocolate and marshmallows around the banana, then tightly wrap foil around the closed peel. You’ll have a dessert in less than 15 minutes! We like to pile on some pecans too, but you can add anything you like. Strawberries, peanut butter chips, or caramel corn all make fun additions to this campfire dessert!

2. Campfire Mac & Cheese

mac and cheese

This dinnertime staple can easily be cooked in your home kitchen. Did you know it can be made over a campfire using a pie plate and foil as your baking dish? Just mix all of your ingredients in the pie plate, cover tightly with foil, then place over the fire to cook for about 7 minutes.

3. Cow Horn Biscuits


These biscuits are cooked on a stick over the campfire, then stuffed with eggs or crumbled sausage when they are done.  This is a fun one for kids to try – just use a really long stick! Find out how here.

4. Campfire Donuts



This recipe uses canned biscuits – super easy, right? You can bring along cinnamon and sugar, or make your own glaze using powdered sugar and milk. Even better – use those centers to make some donut holes, too!

5. Camp Out Chili



Chili or soup is a great camping meal because it feeds a lot of people, it’s filling, and it is quick and easy to make.  There are lots of variations of chili recipes out there, and everyone likes to prepare it differently. You could even make some ahead and freeze it, just needing to thaw and warm it over the fire once you get to the campsite. Here’s one version using sausage and pork shoulder.

6. Popcorn Packets


Popcorn is a fun food to make over a campfire! Just seal it up in aluminum foil and you’re on your way! I used to love air popped popcorn as a kid at my grandmother’s house – I bet it would be neat to cook it over a fire.  Try experimenting with different seasonings to change things up a bit! And, it’s so much better than microwave stuff any day!

7. Bread


Most people probably don’t think about making their own bread over a campfire, but you can do it! Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how to have fresh bread if you’re in a survival situation? It could also be a valuable bartering item. Baking bread will require a little advance prep work, so keep that in mind.

8. Pancakes


This classic breakfast food is perfect for the campfire, too – it’s quick, simple, and feeds a crowd! You can offer various toppings from syrup to fresh berries or chocolate chips. Serve them up with some bacon or sausage and you have a home-run for breakfast!

9. Kabobs


Cooking food on a stick is a camping tradition – but not just hotdogs! You can stack sausage, veggies, beef cuts, even fruits on a long roasting stick for delicious kabobs! Kids will have fun stacking up their own custom kabob, and it’s a great way to get them involved in food prep.

10. Corn on the Cob


This is an easy side dish to prepare at home – but it’s also super easy to cook over the campfire. The corn is steam cooked inside aluminum foil packets – just butter it, season it, and wrap it up. It will be a hit! This is a great side for a large crowd as it is cheap, and the ears can be broken in half to accommodate a big group.

11. Breakfast Eggs


Eggs are another camping staple  – they are versatile, tasty, and can be cooked several different ways. Fry them up in a skillet, scramble them, or even make omelets with peppers and cheese. Here’s a twist on classic breakfast eggs using aluminum bowls.

12. S’mores


I couldn’t write a post about campfire foods and not include this legendary treat. Of course, the classic version calls for graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows, but there are dozens of twists to this tried and true recipe. A couple of summers ago, I was making s’mores with my kids and their cousins, and we ran out of plain chocolate bars. We used Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in place of them – and they were delicious! You could also try cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers, or some of the flavored marshmallows that are on the market now.

13. Camp Pies


We had these pies when visiting friends at their campsite. They were DIVINE. For these, you just need bread, butter, the pie filling of your choice – and a pie iron. Imagine your own personal pie – hot from the oven. Trust me – you want to try this one! Here are some other things you can cook in a pie iron, too.

14. Breakfast Cornbread

breakfast cornbread

This recipe combines cornbread, raisin bread, and even the sweet taste of pancakes. Cooked in a dutch oven over the fire, with coals over the top, it might just become a new camping favorite for you, too!

15. Campfire Burritos


Many people don’t think about doing things like tacos or burritos over the campfire, but it can be done!  Simply prep them ahead of the trip, store them in a cooler until time to cook, then wrap in foil to put in the fire. Since the burritos are wrapped in foil, they won’t get burned, and it can be a delicious “real” meal cooked outdoors.

As you can see, campfire cooking has come a long way. There are all kinds of cooking tools you can use, and thousands of recipes at your disposal online. Campfire cooking is a wonderful way to get the whole family working together on a common goal. Not only will you have fun finding new things you can cook over the fire, it is a rewarding thing to know your skills might come in really handy if you are in survival mode.

Do you have any great go-to camping recipes?

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