What’s So Magic About the Magic Eraser?

When you think of tools you need as a prepper, don’t limit yourself to firearms, survival knives, and gardening equipment. You will also need household tools and one of the handiest supplies that I use is the magic erase. These little sponges can really work miracles in your home. They serve a multitude of purposes and they are inexpensive too! For around a dollar, you can get a magic erase that will help you with dozens of tasks. Take a hint from Ms. Prepper and stock up on magic erasers in bulk.

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I use the magic eraser nearly every day. It only takes a dab of water and no harsh chemicals to clean with this tool. Plus, it doesn’t require much elbow grease to get excellent results. Here are some of my favorite ways to use the magic eraser.

Get Rid of Scuff Marks

In a house full of kids, I am constantly finding scuff marks on floors, baseboards, door frames, and even kitchen cabinets. The magic eraser easily takes away these marks and they make my white kitchen cabinets and even the baseboards look brand new. You can even get stubborn scuff marks off of tennis shoes with the magic eraser!

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Clean Bathroom Mirrors 

If you want a streak-free shine on your bathroom mirrors, turn to the magic eraser. You can even use it to clean a shower mirror and here’s a tip you might not know… it will keep your mirrors from fogging up in the steam! It’s a perfect solution for those little shaving mirrors that hang in the shower.

Remove Marks on a Stubborn Dry Erase Board

It never fails that my son will accidentally use a sharpie on our dry erase board in the homeschool area of our house. The good news is that a magic eraser will take off those marks with a little patient scrubbing! It will also remove stubborn dry erase marks that have been left for a long time.

Get Rid of Crayon Art on the Walls

If you have children, you have probably had crayon marks on your walls at least once or twice. Instead of freaking out about your little one’s creative art, just wash it off with the magic eraser. Your wall will look freshly painted and you will probably want to wash other areas when you see how great it turns out!

Remove Tomato Stains from Plastic Dishes

For years, I was frustrated with the red stains left in my Tupperware after storing leftover spaghetti or tomato sauces. Then I decided to try the magic eraser to remove the red stain. Surprise! It worked like… well, magic! My Tupperware looks brand new again.

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Clean the Toilets Without Scrubbing

Here is a little trick to clean your toilets in a pinch. Cut off a piece of your magic eraser and throw it in the toilet. Let it sit overnight and then when you flush in the morning, your toilet bowl will be sparkling clean! You can also put a little piece of the eraser in your tank and it will clean your toilet with each flush. Plus, it will even start to remove any rust or grime built up in your tank if you do this on a regular basis.

Other Good Ideas

There are really hundreds of ways to use a magic eraser in your home, but here are a few more ideas to give you some inspiration…

  • Clean grout without a toothbrush
  • Clean the computer keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Remove nail polish from countertops and tables
  • Get dry paint off hinges
  • Remove tarnish and rust from silverware
  • Clean off mold and mildew in the tub
  • Remove soap scum
  • Get spatters off the microwave
  • Remove stubborn waterlines around the pool
  • Get hair dye spills off the floor
  • Clean window sills
  • Get rid of cooked-on stains in pots or pans
  • Remove bird droppings from your bird bath
  • Scrub stained baking sheets
  • Remove algae from flower pots
  • Get coffee stains off mugs and coasters
  • Clean car tires
  • Remove stains from carpet
  • Get grass stains off of shoes
  • Wash bicycles and outdoor toys
  • Clean car interior like steering wheel and dashboard
  • Get rid of permanent marker stains
  • Clean faces of dolls and Barbie’s
  • Get rid of fingerprints on the doors and walls
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