How to Use Bamboo for Wilderness Survival

A few days ago my son and I were out in the woods when we came across a huge spread of bamboo. I knew what it was but I had no idea it was there. Now I must admit that I do not spend a lot of time in the woods with the kids but on this particular occasion I was glad I did. My curiosity was peaked and so I did a little research on how we could incorporate the bamboo into our survival preps. As it turns out there are many uses for bamboo.

If you are ever in a situation where you are surviving on the land bamboo could be a real lifesaver. The possibilities are numerous and I think you are going to find the uses quite intriguing. The first thing you will notice about bamboo is just how strong it is. It is very flexible but it is super strong. You can use bamboo to make some of the strongest shelters possible. Did you know that even in modern day China they still use bamboo to make scaffolding? It is strong enough to handle almost anything you throw at it.

Bamboo is also a wonderful option for eating. The plant itself might not seem like a very tasty option but it is packed with water and with vitamins. You can literally cut off a piece and chew until your hearts content. You might not want to live solely on bamboo but it is good to know that you can eat it and you can survive if you have to.

For many generations people have been using bamboo to carry water. A lot of times the bamboo itself has a ton of water in it. The best way to go about extracting the water is to start placing notches in the wood about 6 feet high. If you start to low then you could spill all the water. The idea is to find the water level and then start to slowly work your way down. Most bamboo shoots will have at least a pint of water in them.

If however you already have a water source but you are in need of a vessel that can carry the water, bamboo is the best option. All you have to do is chop the bamboo below any new section. Since bamboo grows in section you can cut below 2 different sections and you will have a cup that will hold water.

Bamboo is also a great wood for making spears and other types of weaponry. If you are surviving in the wild then you are probably going to be hunting your food. You are also going to need protection from the other animals in the wild. Bamboo is easy to manipulate and to transform into a sharp spear that can drop almost anything.

The truth of the matter is that bamboo can be used to make fishing polls, spears, traps, shelters, and so many other things. This is a wonderful plant that nature has blessed us with. All you have to do is add a little imagination and the bamboo will be able to deliver. It is strong enough, plentiful enough, and it grows insanely fast. The only thing that can hinder your bamboo use is you.

When it comes to survival you need to be willing to try almost anything. You are going to be forced to deal with problems you never thought about and you will be required to use the items you find. There is no better item to survive with than bamboo.

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