Top Survival Supplies for Hygiene and Personal Care

In a survival or SHTF scenario, getting a daily shower or basic personal hygiene may not be at the top or the priority list. But, for most of us, getting cleaned up after an exhausting day of just trying to survive would give us the boost we need to go on another day. Here are five hygiene and personal care items you should consider adding into your emergency kit.

D-Day 24 Hour Hygiene Kit

Dday hygiene kit

This is a great add on to your bug out bag. In fact, at around $10 each, you can afford to put one in everyone’s bug out bag, or buy up several to toss in the emergency kit or car glove box. This 24-hour kit has a razor, teeth cleaning wipe, sunscreen, insect repellent, body wash, deodorant and more. It has everything you need to feel clean and fresh for about 24 hours. This is especially helpful for the bug out bag because you don’t have to pack a lot of little bottles and products because you can use these disposable packs.

OK 72 Hour Hygiene Kit

72 hour hygiene kit

Like the 24 hour kit, this kit has all you need to keep clean for about three days. These would also make a great purchase for your bug out bag or emergency kit. They are budget friendly, too, at just under $20. This kit includes lip balm and even water purification tablets, as well as many of the items that are in the 24 hour kits.

Coleman Toilet Paper

coleman toilet paper

Does this one even really need an explanation to purchase it? There’s nothing worse than having to go, and having no way to clean up afterward. This is a three roll package, and will fit easily in a backpack.

Easy Go Portable Toilet

portable toilet

This portable toilet is perfect if you are camping with children, who may be leery of going in the wild. A portable potty might be a good solution. This one is about a foot tall, and holds throw away waste bags, so cleanup is easy.

Coleman Towel Pack

coleman towel pack

These towels are compact, but they are so absorbent. They dry really fast, so they can be easily hung up and ready to use again the next day. They are also cost friendly, and you can afford to buy up a bunch of these to put in your emergency gear. Plus at their $2.99 price tag, if you lose one or two it won’t break the bank to replace them.

In addition to these items, you will also need a good stockpile of soap, shampoo, and deodorant. What are some other hygiene and personal items that your family is stockpiling for emergencies?

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