The Best Socks For Your Bug Out Bag

When you are packing your bug out bag, you definitely want to make sure that you have several pairs of socks inside. The type of socks you choose will depend on the climate you live in, and your family’s needs (survival, hiking, etc), so you may actually need several types. Here are 6 of the best socks you can pick for your bug out bag:

Thirty48 Light Running Socks

thirty 48 running socks

These socks would be a great choice for those who live in a milder climate that want a lightweight sock. These are made of a breathable fabric that will help keep your feet dry, and also have cushioning around the heel and toe. These would work well in a tennis shoe or low cut hiking shoe.

Snugpak Military Boot Socks

military boot socks

If you wear military style or hiking boots a lot, these socks are a good choice. They are tall, and made of wool, so you know your feet will be kept warm. These would make a great sock to wear on cold nights, too, and would also work well with steel toe boots.

Merino Wool Hiking Socks

merino wool hiking socks

These socks are made with Merino wool, so they won’t itch your feet inside your boots. I like these because they come up to crew length, so they are taller than your boot, but not so tall that they cover a good part of your calf. These do need to be air dried, though, so they would be perfect for a camping trip or a time when you had to hang clothing out on the line. These are also made to fit larger foot sizes, so if you have a hard time finding good hiking socks in bigger shoe sizes, this just might be the pair for you!

North Face Athletic Socks

northface socks

The North Face brand is known for producing high quality extreme weather gear and active wear, and these socks do not disappoint. This three pair package has socks made from a moisture wicking fabric that is antibacterial. Also, these socks have one designed for the right foot and one designed for the left, which I thought was interesting. You get three colors in this set, too, and they are ankle length.

Under Armour Boot Socks

under armous boot socks

Under Armour makes these tall boot socks, so you know you are getting a quality product. They have Armour Block technology, which means they will resist odors. One cool feature about these socks is they also have arch support, which is a big help if you are covering rough terrain on foot for long periods.

Point 6 Kids’ Hiking Sock

point 6 kids hiking socks

I didn’t want to leave you without a kid’s sock option, and I found these made by Point 6. They have many of the same features as adult hiking socks, such as cushioning and moisture wicking, they are just in a smaller size. If you have little hikers or preppers, you definitely want to purchase some of these!

There are so many types of socks on the market it is hard to know which ones to choose. Hopefully this will help you to narrow down your search for the perfect socks for your bug out bag.

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