Surprising Survival Uses for Pine Trees

The survivalist in me loves to learn new things and I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by what I have learned regarding pine trees. I would have never guessed that pine was so useful. I knew that pine was a common wood in building and things like that, but who would have thought that this wood could be used to help a wound heal? There are so many different uses that we felt we had to share the information.

Keep I mind that the most abundant trees in the United States are in the pine family. When you understand that a great deal of the population is surrounded by this tree, and when you add in to this the fact that many people are choosing to bug out to the woods, pine becomes a very abundant and useful resource. So what can be done with pine wood? Here are a few items.

Medicinal Qualities

Pine offers antiseptic properties. It serves as an astringent, expectorant, and it even is high in vitamin C. Did you know that the main ingredient in Tamiflu is Shikimic? Did you know that this comes from harvested pine needles?

Pine Needle Tea 

Pine needle tea is a great treatment for colds and flu symptoms. The best way to make this tea is to add a few needles to water that has already boiled. Allow the needles to steep in the water for 4 or 5 minutes. Do not boil the needles as this will eliminate very nasty flavors.

Pine Bandage

Wounds happen. We scrape our hands, arms, feet, and other areas without even realizing how it happened. But when you are in the wilderness it can be hard to cover the wound. Pink pine wood is a great bandage that offers real antiseptic properties. It can be wrapped around the wound, fastened with cord or tape, and the wood will actually help heal the wound.

Pine Sap

Sap from pine trees is very sticky and it can be very annoying if you get it in your hair. However it can also be used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and as a water resistant seal. If you have an open sore, such as a busted blister, you can cover the area with pine sap/resin and it will be protected.

Fire Starter

Pine is a great wood for burning. It burns hot, it burns long, and it starts very easily. Every fire starting kit you have needs to have pine in it.


Inner pine bark is very, very edible. In fact, some have said that this wood tastes similar to bacon. I don’t know about this but I do know that when you are in a pinch, inner pine bark could be a lifesaver.


Fire is a great thing. It can help heat and it can help cook. But light is perhaps the best thing about a fire. A piece of pine wood, coated in pine resin, will burn for hours. You can make a great torch out of this wood and you do not have to worry about it burning out too soon.

Signal Fire

If you are in need of rescue but you have no idea how to get help, consider burning green pine. Green pine placed on top of a burning fire will create a ton of white smoke. This is a great signal.


When it comes to living in the elements there is nothing better than having pine that is easily accessible. This wood is very strong but it also offers a great deal of flexibility. Plus, pine has been noted as a great insulator. This means it can help hold your body heat in longer and this is awesome!


After all of the items we have listed there is no replacing the fact that pine is a great wood for burning.

So there are just a few things that you can do with pine. It is a very versatile wood and that is why so many people like it. It is easy to use, easy to find, and it offers many more options that what we have listed today. So take a few moments and do some additional research on this wood. It is really an amazing wood.

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