Surprising Survival Uses for Coffee Filters

When you think of coffee filters, you might think dreamily about that first cup of steaming coffee that greets you every morning. However, this ordinary kitchen supply is a prepper’s goldmine! There are tons of other alternate uses for these little paper filters. They can be used around the house, in your bug out bag, or even in emergencies for all kinds of jobs. Here are 20 outside the box uses for coffee filters that you might not have considered before.

1. Safe Packing

You can use coffee filters in between ceramic or glass plates and bowls when packing them to store or when moving. The filters fit nicely in between each piece, keeping them from getting scratched! You can also put them around the bottoms of glassware or in between picture frames.

2. Scoop That Poop

Coffee filters make great pooper scoopers – you can stuff a couple in your pocket when you take the dog for a walk and use them to pick up the mess after your dog stops for a bathroom break in the neighbor’s yard. They can be like a glove, keeping your hands from getting messy!

3. Spare a Square?

Out of toilet paper in the bathroom or find yourself in the woods with none in your backpack? A coffee filter can work as toilet tissue in a pinch!

4. Keep Those Doors, Windows, and Mirrors Streak-Free

You can use a coffee filter to clean plate glass doors, mirrors, and even your own glasses and keep them streak-free! You won’t need pricey glass cleaner – filters are lint free, so you can just use water to clean. They work great for tablets, computer screens, and cell phones too.

5. Bug Barrier

If you love eating outdoors, you know that bugs can swarm your plates really quick. Use a coffee filter to cover your plate and keep those bugs away!

6. Disposable Dishes

Filters make great take-n-toss bowls or plates. Use them to line your reusable plates and bowls when camping or in survival mode. You can skip the dish washing between meals this way and save time and water. They are also great for pet bowls when you’re on the road.

7. Keep Soil in the Pot

Gardeners have used this trick for a long time. In fact, I learned it from my grandma. Have a pot or planter with a large drainage hole? No problem! Line the bottom with a filter, then put in your soil. The filter will let the water drain, but keep the soil inside the pot!

8. Catch that Grease

Use a coffee filter under greasy foods and it will absorb the extra grease just as well as a paper towel!

9. Filter Fruit juice

You can use a coffee filter to separate the juice from fruit skins and seeds, leaving only the delicious juice with no chunks!

10. Extend the Life of Produce

Wrap your fresh veggies in a coffee filter – especially that lettuce and other greens – and it will keep them drier and crisper longer in the cooler or fridge.

11. Storage for Seeds

Store those seeds for the garden bundled in coffee filters, and you’ll keep them safe and dry until it is time to plant again!

12. Inexpensive Dryer Sheets

Lightly moisten a coffee filter with white vinegar and the essential oil of your choice – citrus oils or lavender would smell awesome – and toss it in with your towels and sheets. They are less harmful than commercial dryer sheets because there are no chemicals.

13. Strain Meat Stock

If you make your own soups and broths from scratch, you can use a filter to strain the large pieces from bone scraps out of the stock when you’re done.

14. Spot Stain Remover

A coffee filter dipped in a little bit of peroxide or vinegar can help to remove stains from clothes. All natural and easy!

15. Homemade Tea Bag

Fill a filter with crushed herbs, tea leaves or spices, tie up the top, and let it steep in a cup of boiling water. Sweeten as desired!

16. First Aid Helper

Cut or scrape that won’t stop bleeding? Tear a piece of filter off and press it against the spot.  It won’t sting at all, but the bleeding should slow and stop. While not a replacement for most first aid items, this could work if you didn’t have anything else.

17. DIY Air Freshener

Smelly Gym Bag? Stinky Car Trunk? Fill a filter with baking soda to make a small bundle, and tie it off. Put them in the stinky spots and let the baking soda absorb those odors. This one is easy and very inexpensive! Kids can help put some of these together and put them all over the house to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

18. Rust Free Cast Iron

Place coffee filters in your cast iron cookware when you’re not using it. The filter will draw in any moisture that might cause rust spots on the skillets.

19. Filter Water on the Go

If you’re out hiking, or in emergency situations where you don’t have clean water, you can use a coffee filter to help pull any dirt, rocks, leaves or other unwanted items out of the water you collect, then boil it to make it safe for drinking.

20. No Funnel? No Problem!

Cone-style coffee filters work great as a funnel. Just clip off the end and you’re in business. Keep some of these in your car should you need to replace fluids or add water to the radiator.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to use coffee filters for survival and everyday life. These are just a handful of the countless uses for coffee filters. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep some of both styles – cone and traditional – in your car, bug out bag, first aid kit, or in the kitchen. You never know when they might come in handy!

Can you think of other uses for coffee filters? Share them in the comments!

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