Stock Up On These Tools For Best Chances of Survival

One of the most under reported and talked about aspects of survival is the need to have a marketable skill. In SHTF scenarios your skills could be used to better your life, help your neighbor, and they could even be bartered to help you secure some items that you urgently need.

So what kind of skills do you have? Do you know how to build a house? Have you any experience in pouring concrete or building foundations? Do you know how to build furniture? Do you know how to make your own beer? It might sound odd but these kinds of skills are not prevalent and they could help to secure your family in the times of emergency. So with that in mind, it’s important to stock up on essential tools so that you can put those skills to good use.

We all understand the need to have guns and ammo as well as knives, but have you ever considered other tools? Every prepper needs a good supply of tools, but you should select tools that are specifically useful with your skillset.

Power Tools vs. Manual Tools

First of all, power tools are great. I have quite a collection of power tools and they make work a lot easier. But have you considered what you would do in a situation where electricity is a commodity that you cannot afford or it simply is not available? In those cases the power tools are going to be useless. Hand tools are always a great option, but you need to keep in mind that these tools are very demanding and they require a great deal of skill and energy to operate.

If you are using manual hand tools, then you need to make sure that these tools are in good working condition and that they are sharp. A dull tool is a dangerous tool and it makes work even harder. As a side note, the older hand tools are often better than the newer hand tools. I have several older tools that were passed down to me from my dad and they are still working just fine. The newer tools are not made as well and the materials are simply not as strong.

While manual tools are important, you shouldn’t completely discount your power tools. I have several corded and cordless saws and drills. Girls like tools too! If you’ve never tried working with tools, don’t be intimidated. They are usually easy to operate. As you think about using power tools in a survival situation, go ahead and make a few preparations now. If you are using cordless tools, make sure that you have several backup batteries always fully charged for use when the battery dies. Also, when at all possible, purchase higher end, commercial grade tools. You might save money on the lower end items but the batteries will be junk and they will not last through several uses and recharges.

Ultimately, power tools and manual tools have a place in the prepper’s stash and they can each be used to benefit your family and the community. With that in mind, here is a good list of tools that you should try to find and include in your tool shed.

Power Tools:

1. Corded Drill (make sure you have drill bits)

2. Corded Circular Saw (make sure you have the right blades)

3. Cordless Drill

4. Cordless Reciprocating Saw (make sure you have several blades)

5. Cordless Circular saw

6. 100 Ft. Drop Cord (4-25 ft. cords or 2-50 Ft. cords)

7. Grinder (make sure you have several grinding disks)

8. Chainsaw

Hand Tools: 

1. Full set of screwdrivers (both flat head and Phillips)

2. Full set of hex head and star head screwdrivers

3. Ball ping hammer

4. Framing hammer

5. Hand drill

6. Sledge Hammer

7. Crowbar

8. Set of Chisels

9. Planer

10. Sand Paper

11. Bow saw

12. Hacksaw

13. Hand saw

14. Pliers (channel lock is my preference)

15. Vice

16. ¼ in. Socket and driver set (metric and standard)

17. Crescent wrench set

Hand tools are usually cheaper than power tools and they can be found at most yard sales and even at flea markets. I would also recommend having several of each item if you can. I personally have 3 sets of all the hand tools. Why? I have one set for use, one set in the event that a tool breaks, and one set for potential barter.

Never underestimate the power of having the ability to build items for your family or for other people. And never underestimate the power of tools in a bartering situation. Start investing in your tool shed and build up the supplies you need to take care of your family in a survival situation.

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