How to Stock an Emergency EMP Bag for Your Car

If you are in the aftermath of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, your survival needs will be a little more specific than those of a general disaster. Most of the time when you are in a disaster, you have had an little warning and can grab your bug out bag from home and go. However, with an EMP you don’t get that warning time. When it happens you better be ready.

An EMP attack is going to shut everything down. Cell phones, the electronic panel in your car, power grids, all of it will be non-functioning. And you will be traveling on foot. This doesn’t have to make you feel unprepared, you just need to prep with traveling on foot in mind, rather than staying put and riding it out.   One of the ways you can be ready is to stock an emergency EMP bag for your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you pack an EMP bag for your car.

Build an emergency bag that is going to last you for several days, and carry it over 100 miles. As mentioned before, you’ll be traveling on foot, so this bag needs to be something full of useful (but not overly heavy) items for survival in different weather conditions, and hold up to the elements. A backpack is the ideal choice for this bag. It distributes the weight evenly, can hold a substantial amount of items without being too cumbersome, and they come in sizes for every family member. Pick one with lots of pockets and compartments.

When it comes to filling your EMP survival bag, contents are going to be important. You obviously want the basic survival items like a good multi-tool or survival knife, rope, matches, a striker, map and compass, a first aid kit, fishing kit, and extra clothes. Food, water bottles, and sunscreen should also go in, as well as vitamins, and any medications you may need. You also want to have an extra pair of broken-in, comfortable shoes that will carry you the miles you need to go. Ideally these would be tennis shoes or hiking shoes, and you could tie them to the outside of the bag until you needed them. Keep a few gallons of water stored in your trunk, too.

You should definitely have a Mylar sleeping blanket for everyone. If they are not in the bag, they need to stay in the trunk. Not only will this keep you warm, it can also serve as a “Faraday cage” to protect electronic items from the EMP surge. Your car trunk will protect the items somewhat, but wrapping them in the Mylar blanket will provide extra protection. You can store an extra radio, batteries, a cell phone, and a radio in the blanket to protect them. Another item to go in your bag would be a hand crank flashlight.

No one can predict when there might be an EMP, so you need to be prepared at all times. Your EMP car bags need to be in your vehicle at all times, and ideally you need one for all your family members in each vehicle that you could be out in if one were to occur. You can add it into the trunk right alongside your roadside emergency kit, and it will always be there.

An EMP disaster isn’t something many people put a lot of prepping time into, but it should certainly be on the radar. It is one of those unlikely, but possible, scenarios you can plan for now, and that planning just might save your life later.

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