Simple Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

For most adults, the mornings start with a nice hot cup of coffee. That coffee might be the best way to start your day but did you know that there are many other options for the coffee grounds? For years, I would always throw them out and never think twice about it. But now that we have started prepping, over the past few years I have started to research more and more ways that we can use items like coffee grounds for other purposes. Before you toss those coffee grounds, consider all the ways you could put them to use!

Make More Coffee

Now I know that you might already be turning up your nose but please hear me out. Most coffee drinkers have a particular taste in mind and they like their coffee a certain way. However you can actually brew additional cups by reusing those grounds and you will save money in the process. The best way to do this is by taking your used coffee grounds and actually placing them in the refrigerator to maximize freshness. The next day you simply add half as much coffee grounds as usual and make your coffee.

Freshen Up a Smelly Refrigerator

Almost every refrigerator has a box of baking soda sitting inside. The soda is said to remove odors and other contaminants that might taint your food or beverages. But did you know that coffee actually works better than the soda? The best option is to take your old coffee grounds and simply place them in a bowl in your refrigerator or freezer. In less than a day your odors will be gone, your ice will be fresher, and your refrigerator will smell nice again.

Clean Pots and Pans

We are all very well aware that certain pots and pans are not supposed to be cleaned with harsh cleaners like Ajax or Comet. However you can safely use coffee to scrub away grit and grime without putting your cookware at risk. Simply take a scoop or two of your used coffee grounds, throw them in your dirty pots or pans, and wash away. Make sure you throw the grounds away when done.

Odor Eliminator

If you have ever had a really nasty odor that you could not wash off of your hands then you should try using coffee grounds. Wash with the grounds before using soap and water. It will neutralize the odor and be gone before you know it. The next time you are cutting up an onion, you will be glad to have this tip!

Pest Remover

If you have ever had issues with animals using the bathroom in your yard and you would like to stop it, simply toss out some used coffee grounds. Animals hate the feel of the grounds in their paws and they will not return. Reapply after each rainfall.

The potential for reusing coffee grounds is limitless. Did you know you could actually make compost with the stuff? You can make fertilizer for your garden and you could even use the grounds to polish your furniture and remove scratches. Take the time to re-examine the items you toss out so freely…you might learn that you could do a lot more with a lot less!

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