Must Have Gear for Survival Hunting and Fishing

Do you love to spend a Saturday out in the woods hunting for deer? Do you dream of lazy days spent fishing in a nearby pond of lake? Even if you are already skilled at hunting and fishing, you need to think ahead to what supplies you would need if you were depending on these hobbies to put food on the table for your family. In the midst of an emergency, you won’t be able to just run out to the local bait shop to get extra tackle. You need to have everything on hand and ready to go. Here’s a quick list of some of the beginning supplies you should stock up on so that you’re always ready if you need to go hunt or catch food to feed your family.

  1. Hunting LED Headlamp Flashlight

hunting led light

It might look a little weird on your head but this headlight is a wonderful companion when you are out in the woods and the light is starting to fade. Or perhaps you find yourself on an early morning hunt and you need to find something. Either ay this little lamp will work well. It fits on your head and will not fall off. It is safe, secure, and it is bright.

  1. Survival Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter

outdoor knife and firestarter

A good knife can never be overstated. This knife is a great option because it is small enough to be carried easily but yet it is large enough to be effective. It is a super sharp knife and it even has a serrated section on the top of the blade. The best option on this knife is the fire starter. We all need fire when we are out in the woods and this will make your fire building a lot easier.

  1. Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit

outdoor edge game processing kit

If you are able to land an animal while hunting then you are going to need to clean the beast. Field dressing is not something that all hunters do but it is something that they should. It requires a little skill and a few sharp tools. This kit will give you everything you need and the job will become a lot easier. At just under 60 dollars you cannot go wrong with this kit.

  1. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag

piscifun fishing bag

When it comes to fishing the most cumbersome item is the tackle box. Some boxes can be very heavy and they are hard to carry. The great thing about this bag is that it will hold everything you could want in a tackle box and you will be able to throw it over your shoulder and carry it on your back. Not only does this free your hands for other items, but it also makes transporting the tools very easy.

  1. Fishing’s Best Microfiber Towel

bait towel

Not sure how often you go fishing or hunting for that matter but it is clear that rags are a wonderful thing to have. These towels are great for cleaning your hands or tools. The towels are not going to just push the mess around and make it worse. These towels are great at actually absorbing the liquids and helping you to clean up.

  1. TOMO 16×40 Portable Metal Optical Telescope

optical telescope

Seeing is believing for most people. Well you will be able to see for a long way with this little toy. This monocular is a great way to scan the horizon for animals and to even keep an eye out for other people. You can never be too safe and this little tool will help keep you safe. It is also waterproof so that really helps.

  1. 18 Piece Paracord Survival Bracelet

paracord survival bracelet

When it comes to items that people stash away for a survival situation, this needs to be one. This bracelet is an awesome tool that can essentially replace 18 specialty tools. It has fire pins and cord. It has a compass and it even has tinder ready for a fire. The coolest thing about this bracelet is that it has fishing tackle built right in. it is a true survivalist tool and it comes in under $20 dollars.

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