Must Have Disaster Supplies for Urban Preppers

If you live in an urban setting, you can still plan and prep for a SHTF or emergency scenario, but you may have to do some things a little differently than those who live in more remote areas. Having the right supplies will be one of the biggest differences between urban preppers that will survive and those who will die. Here are 7 disaster supplies you may want to add to you emergency kit immediately.

The Urban Prepper: A City Survival Guide

urban prepper guide

This book is a great read for any urban prepper. It gives you tips and tricks, like how to pack a bug out bag, how to stockpile food and water, and other helpful information. You can get it in paperback or in e-book format. This is a definite must have as you get started as an urban prepper!

Urban Emergency 2 Person Go Pack

urban emergency pack

This is a complete 2 person bug out bag kit. It has everything you need to grab and go. Food, water bottle, water purification tabs, first aid supplies, a radio, knife, and other supplies are included. For less than $300, the work is done for you, and you just keep the bags where you can pick them up and be on your way should you need to evacuate.

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Kit

portable solar oven

This solar oven kit has everything you need to get started cooking when the power is out. It is also a fun thing to try when camping and you don’t want to build a fire. It comes with a thermometer, 2 baking trays, and cookware! It weighs less than 2 pounds assembled, and collapses down easy for storage.

Adventure Medical Kits World Travel Kit

adventure medical kit

This is a great first aid kit if you travel from city to city with your job, or if you were to find yourself stranded in another place in a SHTF situation. It has all kinds of wound care supplies, medications, and even a language guide to help you communicate with the locals if you can’t speak their language. A must have for the relief worker, missionary, or world traveler.

Dynarex Survival Masks

survival masks

If you are in an area that is hit with an airborne biological weapon, this is something you should definitely have on hand. Infected air is not something you want to breathe in if you can help it, so having several boxes of these would be great! They come in packs of 20, and they are fiberglass free! Keep some in your bug out bag, your glove box, and your home emergency kit, and you’ll always have one at your fingertips!

Midland Weather Radio

weather radio

A weather radio is an excellent item to add to your emergency kit, no matter where you live. They are a good investment because they will run on batteries so you can get alerts even in a power outage. This model has 7 channels, and will sound to over 60 different alerts. It also has a calendar and clock display, so you will always know what time it is. I also like that you can program it to pick up alerts from several surrounding counties as well, so you are aware of severe weather that is heading your way.

Guardian Family Road Survival Kit

family road kit

This is a great purchase to keep in your vehicle. A little different than a bug out bag, this road survival bag is an all in one emergency preparedness kit. It has a 72 hour personal survival kit that will help up to 4 people, a blizzard prep kit (which has blankets and body warmers), and a road hazard kit that has jumper cables, flares, flat tire repair items, and tow rope. For less than $200, you get all this, which is a huge value! This is a must have for your car or RV, because you never know when you might get stranded.

These are just some of the items that urban preppers might find extremely useful. What other items can you think of that might be helpful in an urban setting?

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  1. Urbansurvivalist says:

    Good list but the radio should be a hand crank one that way if batteries run low or are old you still have a way to find out what’s happening.

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