Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

In our hurried and hectic lives relaxation and even self-reliance can be a lost and forgotten art. As a young girl I can remember taking a school trip to a local community where everyone lived like a pioneer. It wasn’t the Amish community but it was similar. It was here that I made my first candle. This candle was really simple. We each had a cotton wick that had been coated in paraffin wax and we all walked in a large circle. As we would approach the pot of melted wax we would dip the wick into the wax and before long the candle was made.

Candles are fun and they are pretty and they smell divine. But the secret truth is that most candles are very nasty boogers. Did you know that most candles release carcinogens in to the air while they are being burned? Did you now that many other candles are made with soy products that are derived from GMO’s? They are not the healthy and family friendly items that they would have you believe. However there is a great alternative in beeswax candles. They are easy to make and they have amazing health benefits as this article describes here. Here is the key aspect to beeswax candles.

“Beeswax releases negative ions when it burns. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and any other junk in the air all carry a positive charge, and that is how they can be suspended in the air. The negative ions released from burning beeswax negate the positive charge of air contaminants, and the neutralized ions are sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the ground. Many air purifiers and water filters harness this effective negative ion technology. Beeswax candles effectively reduce [the symptoms of] asthma, allergies, and hay fever by drawing pollutants out of the air.”

So you can see that beeswax candles really do make a huge difference. So while you might not be interested in running right out and replacing all of your candles with beeswax candles, you could easily make the switch in a matter of weeks. It is super easy to do. Here are the steps you will need to follow to make the best candles of your life!

Recipe Ingredients:

1 ½ pounds of filtered beeswax

1 cup coconut oil

Approx. 20 inches cotton wicks (no metal)

4 12 ounce jars

Double boiler (or one large pot that can hold a small pot)


4 pencils


Keep in mind that this recipe will make about 40 ounces of wax for your candles. I like to use the 4 jars for the candles but you can make the candles smaller if you would prefer.

Step 1:

Cut your wicks into four. Each wick will be tied to a pencil. The idea is to place the pencil over the jar and allow the wick to touch the bottom of the jar. I like to make sure that around 2 inches of the wick will stick out from the top of the jar.

Step 2:

In your double boiler you will need to bring water to a boil. You will place the beeswax in the double boiler and allow it to melt. Once this happens you can add the coconut oil. Allow this to all melt together and bring this mixture to a temperature of 165 degrees.

Step 3:

You will need to set your wick for this step – it is very simple to do. You will need to pour some of the melted wax into your jar. The ideal approach is to pour just enough to cover the base of the jar. Once you have done this you will need to use your finger or a pencil to hold the wick in place in the wax. This step should take less than a minute.

Step 4: 

Once the wick has set you can fill the container with the rest of the wax mixture. It is best to leave around 2 inches of room between the wax and the top of the container.

Step 5:

Finally you will need to trim your wick. It is best to allow the wax to set overnight. Once the wax has set you can trim your wick. Trim the wick to about ¼ of an inch. Once it has been trimmed you need to let the candle set for 24 hours. After this you can safely light your candle. Make sure you light the candle with the flame melting some of the wax. This will allow the wick to draw in some of the wax and it will help with burning.

And there you have it… 5 simple steps to making your very own beeswax candles. It is possible to add essential oils to your wax mixture so that you can add a nice aroma to your candle. It is totally up to you. 

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