How to Make Your Own Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

We all know that the best, tried and true way to get germs off your hands is by washing them with warm water and soap. However, we aren’t always in a spot where we have access to soap and water, so we usually resort to hand sanitizer in those situations. Think about all the things your hands touch every day. It’s the quickest way to spread germs, without a doubt! With cold and flu season fast approaching, and already in full force in some areas, purchases of hand sanitizer will definitely be on the rise! We all probably have several bottles in various sizes around the house, in the car, in a diaper bag or purse – ready to use whenever we need to disinfect our hands.

Unfortunately, those commercially sold hand sanitizers are full of other things that you might want your family to avoid. Plus, what happens if you are in a situation where you were out camping and have no way to wash your hands the old fashioned way? This is where knowing how to make your own alcohol free sanitizer will come in very handy (pun intended!). By making your own, you’ll save money in the long run, plus you will know exactly what goes in it – and you’ll be able to make more whenever you need some.

The main ingredient in hand sanitizers sold at retail stores is alcohol – up to 60% alcohol is needed to kill germs on hands – and that’s a pretty strong percentage – especially if you are using it on children. They are also full of parabens, artificial fragrances, and even preservatives. Who wants to rub all that into their hands all the time, or put it on the hands of their kids? Making your own ensures using safer products for your family, and being able to make and share them with others if you need to, since you probably have the items in the medicine cabinet already.

The shopping list for making your own hand sanitizer is pretty short – and almost all of the items can be purchased at major retailers. All you need is witch hazel, aloe vera, Vitamin E softgels, distilled water, and essential oils. You’ll also need a glass pump bottle to store your hand sanitizer once it’s finished.

The most costly part of the recipe will be the initial purchase of the essential oils. The essential oils can be purchased from a health food store, an online retailer, or from a company like doTerra or Young Living. You want to either purchase a protecting blend of oils, like OnGuard (doTerra) or Thieves (Young Living) or purchase bottles of the following oils to make your own: wild orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and clove. All of these essential oils are known for their germ fighting properties, and being antibacterial. While not an exact copy, these are the oils that are in most protecting blends, so it will be pretty close!

Now, for the recipe. In a large bowl, pour ½ cup of aloe, ¼ cup each of water and witch hazel. Add in your essential oils – use 50 drops of OnGuard or other protecting blend, or 10 drops each of the single oils mentioned above. Finally add in ½ teaspoon of Vitamin E (this is about the contents of 3 gel caps). Mix all the ingredients really well, and then put into a glass pump bottle. Using a funnel to get it into the jar may help as the mixture will be a little thick. You want to use glass as there is citrus oil included in the mixture, and it should always be stored in glass containers.

The great thing about this DIY hand sanitizer is that it smells great, can be used by everyone, and they kick those germs to the curb! You can put it into smaller bottles to carry along, and keep a large bottle in your emergency kit, first aid kit, or on your kitchen counter. This also makes a wonderful gift for teachers, daycare providers,or a secretary – anyone who could be exposed to all kinds of germs on a daily basis.

Have you ever made your own hand sanitizers?

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