Knife Safety 101

Knives are awesome tools for preppers and we recommend that you have at least one good knife at all times. It is even better to have multiple knives that offer multiple functions. A great example would be having a plain pocketknife for cutting strings and ropes. Another option would be having a fillet knife for cleaning fish and other animals you might have hunted. However there are some basics you need to be aware of when it comes to knives. Safety is always important and if you fail to follow the proper techniques you could end up bleeding and seriously hurt.

The first thing to keep in mind about knife safety is that every knife needs to have a proper place to live. Many knives are collapsible which means that the blade is stored within the casing. Other knives are open blade designs and they need a sheath to live in. Always make sure that your knives are properly stored and closed as this will help ensure that no accidents occur. It is very easy to reach into a box for a knife and then get cut. This can be avoided by properly storing the knife.

Always make sure that your knife has a locking mechanism that keeps the blade open when in use. Nothing is worse than trying to use a knife and having it close unexpectedly. This usually ends badly and results in serious cuts to the fingers and/or hands. Cheap knives are known for this problem. Do the right thing and spend a few extra dollars on a better quality knife that has a proper blade lock.

When closing your knife it is imperative that you keep your fingers clear of the path that the blade follows. Too many people have inadvertently closed a knife on there fingers. This can lead to serious injury. When closing the knife make sure the point of the blade is pointed away from you. Second, make sure that you are holding the blade with 2 fingers in a pinching style. Easily close the blade into the knife and place the safety lock on the knife.

If you are using a sheathed knife then make sure that your sheath is properly secured to your side or that you have a good grip on the sheath. Many sheaths will require a little extra push to properly secure the knife in place and this is when accidents could occur. Making sure you hold the knife and the sheath properly will help ensure zero accidents.

It is also important that you maintain a sharp edge on your blade at all times. Many people are well aware that it is easier to get hurt with a dull knife than it is with a sharp knife. The main reason for this is a dull knife will require more force to use the tool. It will require you to press down harder or to push harder. Both of these actions can lead to slips. Slips, with a knife, lead to serious injury. Make sure that your knives are sharp at all times.

Knife safety is a basic concept that most people can handle. However we have learned that what we consider to be common sense is not always common. So make sure that you follow these simple rules/guidelines and you will have a better chance of not hurting yourself with your own knife.

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