The Incredible Power Of Duct Tape

Duct tape is truly a prepper’s best friend. It has endless uses for survival and it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to find. For over 100 years, this tape has been used in houses and homes around the world and it needs to be something that you keep in your survival gear at all times. Here are just a few ways that you can use duct tape in a survival situation.

1. Sling

Duct tape is strong enough that you can fold both sticky sides together and then use the tape as a sling. If your arm is busted and you have nothing else to use, duct tape could make the a great substitute for a sling.

duct tape fixes anything2. Cup

If you ever find yourself out in the wild and you need a cup but you don’t have one, duct tape is the perfect solution. Begin by shaping the cup’s bottom and then start making the walls. Wrap and rewrap until your cup is sturdy and water tight. You probably wont find these cups in the latest home magazine, but they will work nonetheless!

3. Makeshift Shelter

If you have a few garbage bags and a roll of duct tape then you could make an emergency shelter. Just use the tape to secure the garbage bags over some branches or between two trees. It’s the perfect way to stay dry if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere without a tent.

4. Tent Repair

If your tent has a hole and you are losing heat or taking on water, why not repair the hole with a few strips of duct tape? It seals out water and it is sturdy enough to keep the tent properly repaired until you have access to a sewing kit or a patch.

5. Zipper Repair

Let’s say that your tent zipper is broken or, lets say that the zipper on your pants is busted. Either way, the only thing you will need is a little duct tape. Just tape the zipper together and you will be back on your way in no time!

duct tape first aid6. Hats

I have actually made a hat from duct tape and it worked really well. Just make sure that you cover it in tape on all sides and that the adhesive side of the tape is completely covered so you don’t end up with a tangled mess of hair. In a situation where you are exposed to the sun this could be a real life saver!

7. Water Bottle Repair

If your only water bottle has a small hole in it, then you can repair it with duct tape. Make sure that the bottle is dry since most duct tape will not stick to a wet surface.

8. Spear

You could use duct tape to fasten your knife to a longer stick. You now are the proud owner of a spear that can be used for protection or for hunting.

9. Belt

If your pants are falling off and you have nothing else to use, duct tape can be folded onto itself and made into a decent belt. It might not be the prettiest belt in the world, but it will hold up your pants!

10. Bandages

If you need to hold gauze onto your wound then why not cover the wound with gauze and then fasten the bandage in place with duct tape. This is a great option because it will completely seal off the wound so it isn’t easily accessible by infectious germs and bacteria.

11. Rope

Duct tape can be folded onto itself or rolled together to form long pieces of cord or rope. Obviously rope is a very useful tool in a survival scenario. To make your rope stronger, fasten three long cords of duct tape and then braid them together.

12. Handcuffs

Duct tape is strong. If you need to subdue an enemy quickly, wrap a few pieces of duct tape around the wrists and you can rest easy knowing that the person will not break free.

13. Shoes

You could repair your existing shoes with duct tape or you could make your own. Either way your shoes will be stronger and water tight!

Obviously there are millions of other uses for duct tape but these are just some of my favorites. The idea here is to be creative. Duct tape is super strong and it lasts forever. Make sure that you always have a few rolls in your bug out bag and keep a big inventory in your prepper supplies. You never know when duct tape could come in handy!

What are your favorite survival uses for duct tape?

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