Why Every Prepper Should Stockpile Liquor

Let the good times roll! That is what most people think when they see that you have a large supply of liquor. While liquor might not be the most notable item on some prep lists it should definitely be on your list. In fact it should be on the short list. While it won’t be wise for an alcoholic to stockpile liquor, for the rest of the prepping world, it’s really an important item to store. Get several bottles of the good stuff and tuck them away in your prepping supplies. In fact, it might even be better to have several gallons of the hard variety.

The biggest reason that we encourage people to have liquor is for bartering. The simple truth is that many people like to drink. Having alcohol in your possession makes it possible for you to take advantage of their desires and benefit you and your family. Alcohol is one of the few items that will always have an intrinsic value. There will always be a market for it and there will always be people in need of it.

Bartering will be the main means of business in a real disaster scenario and if you have the right items you could be sitting in the driver’s seat. Always make sure that you have strong liquor on hand so that you can barter for other items that you might need in the future. It could really improve your likelihood of survival and it will definitely add some value to the preps you have on hand.

Another reason to have liquor is for the health benefits. A little strong drink can help a sour stomach. It can also help with reducing pain. The medical benefits of alcohol are well known and documented. Having a source of liquor is going to make medical procedures easier and it will also help dull the pain of toothaches and other minor issues. Further, alcohol is a wonderful antiseptic. It cleans wounds well and it helps prevent future issues with infection. Liquor is worth its price if for nothing more than this.

Another great option for strong liquor is that it can be used as a fuel. While it might not be very cost effective to fill your car or truck with moonshine, it would work in a pinch. You might notice that it runs a little differently but the engine can run on really strong liquor. It can be used in lamps and it can be used on rags as well. It has a high flash point so it even makes for a good lamp oil.

While some of your neighbors might think you have a serious drinking problem if they accidentally stumble on your stash, don’t let that stop you from stockpiling liquor. It is good to drink, good to cook with, it makes a great cleaner and antiseptic, and it has the bartering power of gold. It makes sense to have this item in your possession.

Do you stockpile liquor in your preps? How much do you think is a reasonable amount to keep stashed away for emergencies?

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