Creative Ways to Use Panty Hose for Survival

Oh pantyhose. Virtually every woman who has worn them has cursed them at one point or another, and wondered why we even bother with them in the first place. They aren’t very durable, they tend to run easily, ruining the pair (sometimes the first time you wear them), and you might only wear them just once a year. While they might seem like a hassle when you’re wearing them for fashion, they have a lot of uses beyond keeping your legs smooth and silky. There are all kinds of ways you can re-use them once they get a rip or run, or if you find you don’t wear them anymore. Don’t throw those pantyhose out just yet, though! They can for sure be re-purposed! Here are 10 uses for those pairs you can’t wear anymore.

Emergency Clothes Line

Since they are super stretchy, tying several together can make an awesome makeshift clothesline if you are out camping or in survival mode.  They could also be used to hang up single shirts or items by running them through the arms or legs of wet clothes and tying off with a knot, then hanging.

Bug Bite Protection

Put some in everyone’s bug out bag to layer under pants to keep bugs from biting. They provide protection against harmful tick, spider, and chigger bites.

Stay Warm!

Nylons make the perfect insulation during cold weather. Wear a pair under your pants to help keep you warm. They are thin, but can help hold body heat in.

Food Storage

Onions or apples can be hung in a root cellar to stay fresh – drop one down in the bottom, tie a knot, add another, and repeat. When you get ready to use one, cut off the lowest piece below the knot.

Garden Plant Support 

Since nylon pantyhose are soft and stretchy, they can be used to tie up climbing plants to a stake for support. Also – protect melons and squash varieties from insects by covering them with nylons.

Blister Prevention 

Strap on a pair of nylons under your hiking socks. It can help prevent blisters if you are out walking all day. Maybe that is how our mothers wore those brutal heels all the time!

DIY Bath Sponge

Soap pieces too small to hold onto in the shower? Place small bits of soap inside a nylon foot and tie off with a knot. Use as a bath sponge. This can also help keep larger bars of soap from melting. You can also use them as a scrubber in place of a cleaning sponge this way, too.

Emergency Coffee Filter

If you’re cooking in a survival situation, you can use nylons as a strainer. We all know that coffee filters are handy, but what if you’re out? You can use nylons to filter as you would a paper coffee filter or even cheesecloth.

Find lost items with the vacuum!

Put pantyhose over the end of the vacuum cleaner hose  and pick up small things like Lego pieces, earring backs, or other tiny items without them being sucked up into the canister.

Bug out bag stinky?

Use some old nylons and make a deodorizing sachet – cut off the end of one leg, fill with dried flowers, or put a couple drops of essential oil on cotton balls and make a sweet smelling air freshener for pennies!

These are just a few of the many uses for pantyhose. Have you tried any of these? Do you know of other uses for pantyhose that could come in handy?

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