Creative Ways to Use Five Gallon Buckets

When my family first started prepping, I was seriously stressed out about how much it would cost to invest in the supplies we needed. Over the years, I’ve learned that prepping really doesn’t have to break the bank. While there is plenty of money that can be spent prepping, the simple truth is that your home is already packed with a lot of the things you are going to need for the journey. One of the most commonly used items that you might overlook is the 5-gallon bucket. This bad boy can be used for a plethora of things. In fact, you could probably come up with hundreds of ways to use a simple, boring bucket. Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

Water Filter

This is a very reliable way to make a very functional water filter. To get started, you will new a few five gallon buckets. Fill each of the buckets about 2/3 of the way full with charcoal, gravel, and sand. First you will put in the charcoal and then you will cover that with gravel. Finally the sand will fill in all the cavities inside the bucket. The buckets will be fairly heavy so be careful when you lift them!

Once you have three buckets filled in this manner you are going to need to connect them. I have found that it is best to cut a 2 in. hole on opposite sides of the buckets. Once this is done you can connect each bucket with a piece of PVC pipe.

Once the buckets are connected and the lids have been replaced you can start the filtration process. Begin by allowing the water to run into one bucket and then allow it to flow from one to the next. After a few minutes you will start to get some water from the last bucket and this is the water that has been filtered. It is not perfect and it is not fool proof…but it is much, much better than nothing at all.

Natural Water Heater

Who knew that you could actually heat water with nothing more than a bucket and the sun? First you are going to need to gather two black five gallon buckets. Fill one bucket about 2/3 of the way with water. Then place the water bucket inside the empty bucket. Once done you will need to snap the lid on the bucket and place it in direct sunlight for about two hours.

When you return you are going to find that the bucket is very hot. Obviously black gathers more heat energy than other colors so the colored buckets actually play a huge role in this process. By using two buckets, you create an insulated oven effect. When you remove the lid from your bucket you might find that the water is too hot to use. This is why I recommend filling it only 2/3 of the way. This allows for the addition of cooler water if you need to adjust the temperature. This is an easy way to warm up water for bathing or washing dishes.

The Bucket Back Pack

The idea of having a backpack during a SHTF scenario is not new. This is something that almost every real survivalist has thought of. However there could come a time when the backpacks are all gone. Then what would you use? The best idea is to use a 5-gallon bucket. You can fit a lot of gear in a simple bucket and with one of these harnesses, it’s easy to tote around when you’re on the move.

Survival Toilet

When nature calls and you’re stranded in the wilderness or just at home with no running water, a five gallon bucket could make a big difference. The first thing you must do is find a 10 gallon trash bag or at least some form of plastic that can line the inside of a 5-gallon bucket. Once you have done this you will simply throw in a few scoops of kitty litter. Apply a toilet seat specifically designed for a bucket, and you have a custom made throne.

The litter will absorb all the water for a time and mask the smell. The seat will make it much more comfortable to go. Best of all, the liner will make cleaning a breeze. Forget shoveling out waste and hosing it down. Just pull the liner out and throw it in the garbage pile.

There are so many other ways to use a 5-gallon bucket but I am hoping that these few have inspired you to search out other ideas. Maybe you have your own ideas that nobody has thought of yet. What are some things you have tried using a five gallon bucket?

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