Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

Every week I make a planned trip to the supermarket and by the time I get home, I always end up with a pile of plastic grocery bags. They are everywhere. While our cat loves to play with the bags and frolic around, I am always left shaking my head about the mess. You would think that there has to be a great way to use these bags other than just for toting groceries. And there is!

While a good number of folks will reuse these bags as a way to pick up dog waste, carry a sack lunch, or to even line a trash can, there are numerous other ways that preppers and survivalists alike could use these items. So lets take a look at the many different options these bags offer and why you need to make the plastic grocery bag a must have prepper item.

  1. Packing Material

Around my house we have several hundred glass jars. These jars are typically used for canning and if you have ever bought these kinds of jars then you know that they are not the cheapest things you could buy. So why not use plastic bags to cover your jars? While they are still in their crate I like to wrap 2 bags around each jar. There is enough material there to stuff the inside of the jar as well as totally cover the outside. Plus, you can even use the plastic bags when you are shipping items through the mail or even when you are moving. They are a lot easier to handle then newspaper and they can be reused over and over again.

  1. Plant Protection

If you have a budding garden or if you have some recently grown seedlings, then you are going to need to make sure that they are protected from any potential frost. In this case you might want to use 2 or maybe even 3 layers of plastic bags. This type of cover is easy to install, secure, and they will not hurt your plants.

  1. Item Separation

In most cases a prepper is going to have several different items that are stored in a relatively small area. It can be hard to find the right place for every item and some of the items are not conducive to be placed with other items. An example of this would be string, tape, glue, etc. you can store these items in your plastic bags and even label them for easy identification. Not to mention they will be easy to handle and to transport now that they have handles.

  1. Weatherproofing

Unless you live in a relatively new home there is a chance that you have some serious draftiness going on. In most cases we do nto realize the problem but when it gets super cold we notice the problem. You can use plastic bags as a quick way to fill in the gaps between a window and a door. You could even use the bags as make shift insulation if need be. Obviously this is not a permanent fix but it will work for a time.

  1. Garden Ties

Cut your plastic bags into small strips. You can know use the strips as string and tie your plants up. An example of this could be tying your green beans to their lines.

  1. Reseal A Jar

Cut your bag into an appropriate size. Lay the plastic over an open jar and then apply the lid back to the jar. This will create a very tight and air proof seal that will help your food to last longer.

  1. Bug-Out Stuff

Plastic bags are lightweight and they are easy to carry. Stuff a handful of the bags into your bug out bags. The bags can be used for a number of things such as carrying fire tender, carrying water, removing waste from your area, and you could even use the bags as make shift gloves.

The great thing about plastic bags is that they are plentiful and they have hundreds of uses. So instead of just throwing them away, why not stockpile them? You might be surprised with the ways you could repurpose them at some point down the road.

What are your favorite ways to repurpose plastic grocery bags?

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