You Can Never Have Enough of These 10 Supplies

If you are like me then you are probably tired of seeing these gimmick ads all over the Internet that offer to tell you about the 25 things every prepper needs. Once you click it you learn that it is just an ad for a book and there is no real information apart from the book. Well this is not like that at all. We are actually going to share 10 things that you certainly need to have and you need to have a lot of them. Some are better than others and some are more valuable than others. Some of these items will be used for personal use and others are simply great bartering objects. So lets jump in!

  1. Soap

Soap is crucial. It cleans our hands, feet, etc. Soap is great for washing clothing and even cleaning other household items. But in a survival scenario soap is going to be very needed and sought after. So stock up while you can and make sure that you have bar soap and liquid soap. Try to avoid the smelly stuff and just go with the old natural smell!

  1. Alcohol

So this is one of those items that can be used in a multitude of ways. Alcohol is a great disinfectant, pain reliever, beverage, or bartering tool. We are not big drinkers in our house but we do have several gallons of white liquor. Some will be used for making home remedies and some of it will be used for trading. It is very cost effective and easy to store.

  1. Batteries

Almost everything runs on batteries. Plus batteries are pretty crumby these days and they don’t last very long. We have a stock of several different sizes and brands but we typically go with the name brand stuff because it lasts longer. I would recommend several AA batteries and Several C and D size batteries.

  1. Toilet Paper

Everybody does his or her business. This is pretty simple actually. You don’t want to be stranded without toilet paper in an emergency so keep stocking up! And please…get the good stuff.

  1. Fire Starters/Matches/Lighters

Fire is a needed tool in a survival scenario and it will be much harder to have fire without one of these items. Stock up now. Boxes with hundreds of matches are super cheap and they store easily. There is no reason not to have a way to start a fire easily.

  1. Simple Tools

Flat head screwdrivers, Phillips head screwdrivers, hammer, scissors, and pliers. All of these things are important and they are needed. You will never understand how much you rely on these items until you do not have them. We keep several in our home and garage and I would encourage you to do the same.

  1. Guns & Ammo

Let’s be honest. If someone is trying to harm you, what would you rather have; a gun or a knife? Guns are great for self-defense but they are also great for hunting. But guns are only as good as the ammo you use and you could need a lot of it. So stock up now while you still have that freedom.

  1. Bleach

We use bleach for everything in our house. We make cleaner out of it, we use it in the wash, we even use it in the kid’s swimming pool. It has the ability to make nasty water clean and dirty homes shine. Plus, if you have a serious problem in your home, like a septic tank issue, bleach is the only thing you will want to use to clean it up.

  1. Flashlights

I know that sounds like a foregone conclusion but it is amazing how many people do not have a simple flashlight in their home. We have one in every room of the house and we have several more in the garage. You will need them and they are dirt-cheap.

  1. Pain Medicine

Listen, I am a huge accident just waiting to happen. I have broken or sprained my ankles several times and I am sure it will happen again. Pain meds are a great thing to have. Plus, having a stock of Aleve or Tylenol is not hard and not expensive at all.

And there you have it. These are 10 legitimate things that you need to have and you need to have a lot of. What are your thoughts?

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