How to Build an Emergency Kit to Keep at the Office

The only thing worse than finding yourself smack dab in the middle of a workplace emergency is finding yourself in the middle of the same emergency without the benefit of having the supplies you need to keep your co-workers safe while you wait for help to arrive. The emergency kit and a cool head is the key to getting through the situation in one piece.

The Purpose of the Emergency Kit

The purpose of an emergency kit is to make sure that you have the medical supplies you need if you or one of your co-workers gets hurt or if a major natural disaster strikes and you find yourself stranded at the office. It also ensures that you know exactly where the flashlights are if the power goes out while you’re working. The kit should also have tools that will allow you to exit the building if there is a fire. The best thing about keeping an emergency kit at your workplace is that you don’t have to worry about dragging a first aid kit all over the place with you. It doesn’t take long or require a great deal of effort to create an emergency kit for your workplace.

Creating the Emergency Kit

Different work places and job requirements are going to require different items to be stocked in your emergency kit, however there are some that should always be tucked into every emergency kit.

One or two bottles of water– If the worse happens and you find yourself trapped in your workspace without power, you will want to have access to water. It’s a basic need. The water bottles will also come in handy if you have work your way through a fire, since it can be used to wet your clothing and decrease the amount of burns you develop.

A small flashlight– Power outages are one of the most common workplace emergencies. A small, hand held LCD flashlight doesn’t take up much space and is always handy. Check the flashlight every few months to make sure it remains in perfect working order and that the batteries are fully charged. Many people have also added glow sticks to their workplace emergency kit.

Anti-bacterial cream– Any cuts or scrapes you get in the middle of workplace emergency should not be taken lightly. If it gets infected, you could be looking at an extensive, stressful healing period. It’s better to treat the injury with the anti-bacterial cream you have in your kit and be safe rather than sorry.

Band-aids– Just like the anti-bacterial cream, having a box of band-aids on hand reduces the odds of your getting an infection as a result of a work place injury.

Snacks– Hopefully you won’t be stuck in your workplace for long, but it’s always a good idea to have a granola bar or baggie of dried fruit on hand just in case. It’s best to make sure the snack you keep in your emergency kit can be kept for a long time, is healthy, and should be a good source of protein.

A Blanket– When someone is seriously hurt, they will often go into a state of shock. When this happens it’s imperative to have a blanket on hand in order to keep them warm until medical support arrives. This doesn’t mean you need to find space for a huge blanket. One of the thin, emergency foil blankets that are designed to be kept in glove boxes will suffice.

A first aid kit– Whether your dealing with a huge medical emergency or just have a headache, a first aid kit will have everything you need to get through the situation.

You won’t believe how much safer you feel in the your workplace once you have a fully stocked emergency kit on hand.

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