The Best Tech Gadgets for Preppers

We live in a world that relies on electronics and while there is no denying the convenience of these devices, in many cases we are too reliant on them. While using technology as part of your survival plan is controversial, it’s something you need to consider. Experts like Bear Grylls and Les Miles are never going to rely on gadgets. They have years of training and skill to use. However you and I do not have those same skills and technology could be extremely useful in a real emergency.

While an EMP style attack would render all electronics dead, any other disaster scenario could still leave you capable of using your tech devices. With that in mind, here are six of the best tech gadgets out there that would be a great pick for any prepper.

  1. Vigilant Wearable Personal Protection Alarm

vigilant alarm

This wearable alarm system could safe your life if you are stranded in the wilderness and get separated from your group. The reality here is that many of us are going to find ourselves in situations were we could be separated from our loved ones. Kids could go missing and we might even wonder off of the trail we had been on. In a real emergency this personal alarm will give an ear splitting 130dB signal that will make finding your lost loved ones simple.

  1. DUBS Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs

dubs earplugs

These tiny earplugs have the ability to block almost every ounce of noise in your world. If you are using loud machinery, these are the go to choice. If you are shooting guns, they will protect your ears from trauma. They are light, easy to wear, and they are very cheap coming in under 20 bucks. In a survival situation where you are taking shifts as a lookout, these earplugs would help you block out noise and get some sleep in between shifts.

  1. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

garmin fitness band

Fitness bands are pretty popular these days and for good reason. These devices can read your heart rate as well as how fast you are traveling. But did you know these devices could also serve as a GPS system? If you are turned around in the wilderness, it could save your life. It could also double as an emergency heart monitor if you have a family member with a history of arrhythmias or other cardiac problems.

  1. ECEEN Solar Backpack

solar backpack

Power sources are going to be hard to come by when the grid fails. If a nuclear attack occurs or even an EMP attack, power will be all but gone. But what if you had the ability gather solar energy? You can do exactly that with the solar backpack. It has the ability to gather enough energy for over 10000maH of power. That is enough to charge almost any device. Most of these bags go for well over 200 dollars but this bag is under $120. Use it as a bug out bag and you’re always ready to face an emergency.

  1. Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Insole

tourmaster insoles

When your feet are cold, it can make the rest of your body cold. There is nothing worse than having cold feet and trying to walk a long distance. If your bug out journey happens in the winter, why not keep your feet warm with these heated insoles? They are a solid investment that could make a huge difference in your chances of survival.

  1. 5 Modes Zoomable LED Head Lamp

zoomable head lamp

Having the ability to see in the dark could be the difference between life and death. In a pitch-black world, it’s easy to get lost or separated from those we love. Why not add some light to help you maneuver? This headlamp is not only rechargeable but it is hands free. You will be able to see in all situations. It is zoomable and it has 5 different types of light settings.

What are some other gadgets that you think would benefit preppers? Have you added any tech items to your bug out gear?

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