The Best Supplies for Prepping with Pets

When you are making your emergency preps, you certainly don’t want to leave out your pets. They will need food, water, and other supplies stored for them as well. You also want to take into consideration that if your pet had a medical emergency, you might not be able to get to a vet. It’s probably smart to have a good basic knowledge of how to treat some pet illnesses and injuries, too, in case this happens. That said, here are 7 products you can use to help you prep for your pets:

  1. Legacy Long Term Cat Food Storage

legacy cat food strorage

If you have cats, you don’t want their dry food going bad sitting on the shelf. This cat food has a 10 year shelf life, and comes in a stackable bucket, with a thick Mylar bag on the inside to keep the food protected and fresh. It is made from fresh chicken, too, so you know you are feeding your pet a quality food.

  1. 6 Piece Grooming Kit

pet grooming kit

If you are used to having your dog groomed and nails trimmed by a professional, like I am, this may be a service you will have to go without for awhile if you are in survival mode. Buying a grooming kit will allow you to trim pet nails and other grooming tasks on your own. This particular kit has nail clippers, a shedding comb, flea comb, a 2-sided brush, and more, and comes in a carrying case.

  1. Dog Deluxe Bug Out Bag Kit

dog bug out bag

This is a pre-made “bug out bag” for your dog. It has all the emergency survival gear your dog might need in a disaster, including food and water, a first aid kit, toys, and other useful items. You can toss one of these in with your own bug out bag and your pet will be ready, too. This is a great gift for an elderly family member or someone who uses a service dog.

  1. Portable Cat Litter Box

portable litter box

The name of this product speaks for itself, a portable litter box. This is ideal if you are displaced after a disaster and staying somewhere with your cat that isn’t used to having cats around. Your indoor cat will have a place to go, and you have a litter box that folds up flat when you aren’t using it. It’s also great for camping and travel.

  1. Collapsible Pet Food Bowl

collapsible food bowl

This collapsible food bowl is perfect for traveling and bugging out. You can use it for food or water, and if you set it on wet ground, the fabric will keep the food from getting wet. It’s not a bad idea to get one for your car, and a couple for your emergency kit.

  1. Dog Whelping Kit

whelping kit

This is ideal if you had to help with delivering puppies. It has everything you need to whelp a litter, and even has a puppy feeding kit. If you have dogs, this is a must for your emergency kit. You can also get refill packs for this kit, too.

  1. All-Safe Car Harness

car harness

If your dog doesn’t like riding in the car, or is a nervous rider, an emergency trip may stress them even more. You may find that a harness will help keep him calm and still in the seat. It can be used as a walking harness, or a car safety harness, depending on your needs. This particular harness will fit larger dogs, but it does come in other sizes. It has been crash tested, too, so it has a good safety rating.

This is just a sample of the pet emergency gear that is out there. Any of these would make great additions to your emergency kit to help keep your pet safe and cared for.

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