The Best Organic Fertilizer Options

Gardening season is almost upon us. It’s time to get those garden plots weeded, tilled, and ready for planting. Every gardener loves to reap the benefits of a healthy, productive garden. One of the things you’ll need to consider as you get your garden prepared is the type of fertilizer that you will use. Will you choose a commercial fertilizer or use an all natural, organic one?

Many people are turning to organic fertilizer choices for their backyard gardens, including those of a non-manure variety. It is a good way to cut down on harmful chemicals that might seep their way into the fruits and vegetables. Organic just means that the fertilizer is made from natural materials, and is free of poisons or other harmful ingredients.

Did you know that you have several of these non-manure fertilizer options right around your house? You can find a several of them right in your kitchen. Using natural fertilizers is low cost and reduces waste. Here are 4 organic fertilizer options you can try in your garden this year.

Egg Shells

Like many foods in our kitchen, we find ourselves throwing away the parts we don’t eat, like rinds or shells. Eggs are no different. You can crush up eggshells and they make an incredible fertilizer. They are full of nutrients, like calcium, and make a wonderful addition to your soil. Just crush them (you can vary the size of the pieces), and when you have a good sized bowlful, mix them in with your soil or sprinkle them over the top soil layer. Egg shells will also help keep some insects and slugs out of the garden, as they have sharp edges, and they help soil to drain better overall. Another benefit of using egg shells is that they are really cheap, especially if you have your own backyard chickens, you are not even having to buy the eggs to begin with. Plus, eggs are something that most people have in their kitchen already, so instead of throwing those shells in the trash, crush them and save them for the garden!

Used Coffee Grounds

This is another common kitchen item that many people already have in the kitchen, and something that probably gets pitched in the garbage without a second thought. However, before tossing those used coffee grounds,, consider keeping them to use for an organic fertilizer. You can save them in a coffee can, and when the can is filled up, spread them into the garden. Coffee is a great pest repellent. It also adds nitrogen (an important ingredient) back into your garden soil. Don’t drink coffee? Have a friend or neighbor save theirs for you. They are a great inexpensive, and all natural fertilizer for your plants.

Banana Peels

Again, this is another food item that people just toss in the trash without realizing it can be a great garden fertilizer. Banana peels are full of nutrients for your soil, but they release slowly, so they are a good long term garden addition. You can add small pieces at a time to your soil. Adding bigger pieces or whole peels could draw in rodents, and you don’t want that. Banana peeling is a good bug repellant, as many insects don’t like them. If you don’t eat bananas, have a family member or friend save some for you.

Bone Meal

Bone meal can be made at home, or purchased from a store. Bone meal is a good source of minerals for your garden. Some gardeners choose to grind their own and add it into the garden, but it can be a time consuming chore, which is why a lot of people choose to just purchase it ready to go.

Do you use organic fertilizer in your garden? What is your go to all natural fertilizer?

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