The Best 10 Multi-Purpose Tools for Bugging Out

The only way you can be assured of successfully bugging out when the world implodes is making sure that you have stocked your bug out bag with all the of the most essential multi-purpose tools. They’ll be an important part of making sure you survive whatever undesirable situation you find yourself in. The great thing about most of these items, is that there are many different options, which makes it possible for you to choose the item that best suits your needs based on size, quality, price, and portability. Here’s a closer look at some of my top 10 multi-purpose tools.

  1. Survival Hatchet

Don’t underestimate the value of having a good survival hatchet or tomahawk tucked into your bug out bag. You won’t believe the number of different ways you can use a good quality hatchet. Every day, preppers report using theirs as a pry tool, to dig, and even as a wrench. Choose a tomahawk that is made out of steel, feels comfortable in your hand, and that is built to withstand a great deal of use.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: The Yes4All Outdoor Steel Axe With Spike

yes4all steel axe

  1. Survival Whistle

A survival whistle is something that you really need to have tucked into your bug out bag. The most obvious reason to have the whistle is so that you can connect with other people who are also stranded in the middle of the wilderness. There are many survival whistles on the market, including some that provide you with an excellent opportunity to consolidate your supplies. We strongly suggest that you look for one that is also a compass or can be used for dry storage. We’ve even seen some that have a starting flint built into them so you can start a fire.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: SE 7-in-1 Survival Whistle

survival whistle

  1. Plastic Bags

You can never have too many plastic bags tucked into your bug out bag. Not only do they provide you with a place that you can store any edible plants you find while you’re on your own in the wilderness, but they’re also a great way to keep all of your supplies dry if you get caught in rainy weather.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Highlander Emergency Survival Bags

highlander emergency bag

  1. Tarp

A tarp is something that needs to be tucked into every bug out bag. Like the plastic bags, there are several ways a good tarp will make your time in the wilderness better. The tarp can be used as a tent, protection between yourself and the wet ground, a rain cover, and even a signal flag. Some groups that have gotten stranded in the wilderness have reported using their tarp as a stretcher, making it possible for them to protect and transport members of their party who got injured.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Stansport Digital Woodland Camo Tarp

camo tarp5. Survival Multitool

We’re big believers in checking out anything that is listed as a multi-tool as something you should have in your bug out bag. While there are several compelling multi-tools on the market, they aren’t all going to be a good match for you. You want to look for ones that only contain items that will help your survive in the wilderness. Look for options that mix compass, can openers, knives, etc.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Emergency Survival Pocket Multi-Tool

multitool6. Duct Tape

No bug out bag is complete until there’s a role of duct tape tucked inside. You can use the tape to mark a trail, repair damaged equipment, waterproof your supplies, as ropes, to create a splint, and even as a bandage.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: 3M Utility Duct Tape

duct tape7. Paracord

There will be times when you’ll be very glad you have a good stout paracord tucked into your bug out bag. It can be used for everything from creating a snare to helping you climb up and down steep inclines.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Paracord Planet Commercial Grade Paracord

paracord8. Bandana

Tying a bandana around your head during hot weather will provide you with some protection from the sun and warmer during the cold times. You can also use it as a signal flag, a short rope, or to help you filter water.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Head for Survival Triangular Bandana


  1. Sanitary Napkins

Women always make sure that sanitary napkins are tucked into one of the pockets of their bug out bags, but guys rarely think to include them. You can use them for bandages, adding some cushion to the bottom of your shoes, and as kindling.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads

maxi pads10. Survival Knife

A good stout blade can help you do many things in a SHTF situation. It will provide you with protection, allow you to hunt and clean your food, and even cut firewood or kindling. Not just any knife will do though. You need a knife designed for hard core wilderness survival.

Storage Prepper’s Pick: Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Knife Kit

survival knife kit

Don’t Forget Common Sense

The item you most need to survive the wilderness isn’t something you have to store in your bug out bag. It’s common sense. Being smart and level headed will keep you safe and help you survive anything you encounter.

Packing your Bug Out Bag

In addition to making sure you have the tools you need, you also need to make sure you can handle the bug out bag. The essentials need to be packed in such a way that you lighten the load, which means you need to be willing to consolidate your gear. Put aside your natural instinct to carry multiple tools, and consolidate where ever possible. Carrying just one flashlight or raincoat not only creates more space in your bag for the essentials, but also greatly reduces your bug out bag’s weight.

Since you don’t know what kind of experiences you’ll have while relying solely on your bug out supplies, you need to take care when packing it. It should be packed in a way that your emergency supplies, such as your first aid kit needs to be arranged so they can be easily reached. Whenever you pack and unpack the bag, place everything exactly where it belongs. You’re going to find that limiting yourself to the absolute essentials and consolidating makes organizing your bug out bag easy.

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