9 Reasons Why Preppers Love Woodstoves

The idea of heating your entire house with a woodstove was innovative 75 years ago. But is it really a great idea to heat your home with a woodstove today? Is that really the most effective and efficient way to heat? In all honesty there has to be a better way to heat, right? Well you might be surprised to learn that heating is not the only thing a woodstove is good for. In fact there are many, many reasons that preppers love woodstoves. Check out these 9 reasons why you might want to add a woodstove to your home!

  1. Heating

Ok, we all know that a woodstove can be used to heat a home. And while you might think that it is archaic, the reality is much different. Woodstoves create some of the warmest heat that you can find and they will heat your house fairly efficiently. However they typically work best when they are used to heat one or two rooms. Woodstoves can be piped into several different areas of the house and this will allow the heat to permeate all aspects of your home. So yes, heating is the first thing you will learn about a woodstove.

  1. Compact Stove

Not all woodstoves are huge and clunky. Sure, they are heavy and they can require a few hands to move them around, but overall these appliances are small and will take up very little room. For a prepper this is a win, win. You gain the functionality of the stove without giving up a lot of space. After all, space is going to be limited in a real SHTF scenario.

  1. Cook Top

A woodstove will get very hot. The temperatures can be regulated but the surface of the stove will hold a great deal of heat. You can cook on the surface of the stove by using a skillet or even a Dutch oven. Water will boil pretty quickly as well.

  1. Baking

Again, this might sound odd but you can actually bake with a woodstove. As a prepper there are always going to be tools that we use for multiple purposes. In fact, I have a rule that simply says we will not have items that can only perform one function. When the woodstove is roaring you can actually bake foods or desserts. Simply place the food in a covered Dutch oven and bake away.

  1. Drying

When your clothes are wet from the rain or from the wash you need a way to dry them. If the temperature is below freezing then you certainly will not be hanging them outside to dry. Simply hang them around the stove and allow the heat from the oven to dry the clothing. Be careful that you do not place the clothing on the stove. They could catch on fire.

  1. Water Heater

Warm water is a bonus in any situation. However the majority of the people in this world are going to be dealing without warm water after a disaster wreaks havoc. A woodstove is a great way to warm your bath water. Considering that you will not need electricity for this process…you should certainly see the positives here.

  1. Easy To Clean

As a prepper I have little time to tear products down and replace or clean every little part. Woodstoves are easy to clean. Once the wood has been removed or burned, all you have to do is scoop out the ashes and rinse the tub out.

  1. Woodstoves Are Easy To Regulate

A lot of newer woodstoves actually have thermostats that will help you regulate the temperature. Older models will not but they can also be regulated as well. While the older models are notorious for making the whole room boil, newer models will use flews and thermostats to keep the temperature rather comfortable.

  1. Off Grid Living 

I know that we always talk about prepping for real disasters but one of the great things about a woodstove is the fact that it does not require any electricity to work. If you are like many of my friends then you are interested in living of the grid. A woodstove can make that a real possibility for you.

There are tons of benefits that a woodstove can offer you and your family, especially in a prepping scenario. I have only scratched the surface on the benefits and the ways that this little fella can be of service to you. So take the time to learn more about the many different models and options that can come from the woodstove.

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