9 Best Survival Tools Used on “Naked and Afraid”

The hit show “Naked and Afraid” has been a big hit among the survival community. The show’s unique premise makes it unlike anything we’ve seen before. Two strangers are dropped in the middle of the wilderness, completely naked, and left to survive for 21 days. Each participant can bring one survival item and that could be one of the best aspects of the show. We’ve been able to see a lot of great survival gear in action and get a close up look at how different products really function in a serious survival situation. Here are 9 of the best survival tools we have seen on “Naked and Afraid” so far.

Gerber Jr. Machete With Nylon Sheath

gerber gator machete

Kim Shelton was one of the first participants and she brought along the Gerber Junior in her debut on season one, episode one. This machete is just as tough and durable as the full sized Gator Machete, but it’s much more compact for easier carrying. It has a two-sized blade with one side featuring a rough cut saw edge perfect for sawing through limbs and branches. The other side has a finer edge and hacking brush that is useful for vines and jungle brush. Best of all, it has a high-carbon steel shaft and a comfort grip handle for easier use.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Cup

glacier stainless cup

On season three, episode two, Lindsey Leitelt came prepared with this little stainless steel cup that doubles as a pot. This is a must have survival supply because it allows you to carry water and boil it over the fire. It’s ultra lightweight at only five ounces and it will hold up to 18 ounces of liquid. It also folds so it’s easy to stow away when not in use.

UST Strike Force Fire Starter

strikeforce firestarter

One of the big lessons we’ve learned from watching “Naked and Afraid” is that having a good quality fire starter is really essential to survival. Without fire, you have no way to cook food or sterilize water. You can’t keep warm and there is no light once the sun goes down. Phaedra Brothers chose the UST Strike Force fire starter in season three, episode eight. It is super convenient with a detachable cap and an attached lanyard. Plus it will last for more than 1,000 strikes, which is plenty to get you through 21 days in the wilderness. Best of all, the UST Strike Force generates three times more heat than a typical match so you can quickly ignite tinder even in adverse weather.

Ka-Bar Kukri Knife

k-bar kukri knife

During the first episode of season two, Tyler Steinle chose this black Kukri style machete as his tool of choice. Its carbon-steel blade is perfect for chopping away at weeds and greenery and it came in really handy for building a shelter. This knife has a comfortable, ergonomic handle and it even comes with a nice black leather sheath. It’s large with a blade measuring 11½ inches, but it’s still lightweight enough to be convenient at only 1.7 pounds.

Coleman Steel Camp Axe

coleman steel camp axe

During season one, episode three, Jonathan Klay brought along this Coleman steel camp axe, which was really convenient for building a shelter and chopping through thick brush. This is one of the most cost-effective supplies we’ve seen appear on “Naked and Afraid” and with such an affordable price, it’s really a must-have for any aspiring survivalist.

Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete

Condor bushcraft machete

Fernando Calderon brought this monster machete when he appeared on “Naked and Afraid” during season two, episode five. The Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete has a 13-inch carbon steel blade and comes in a ballistic nylon sheath for safe keeping. There isn’t much that this machete can’t handle when it comes to survival, from hacking at tree roots to cutting bamboo to fashion a shelter.

Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet

estwing hatchet

Sabrina Mergenthaler brought the Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet during episode six of season two. With the head and handle made in one piece and total steel construction, this is a powerful hatchet that can withstand a lot of abuse during a survival situation. It’s really not surprising that Amazon rates it as the #1 best selling camping axe!

Duck Brand Duck Tape

duck tape

Rumor has it that you can fix anything with a little duck tape so Joshua Bell decided to put it to the test when he headed out to the wilderness in episode nine of season three. It turns out that duck tape can actually come in really handy! The duck brand is absolutely the best when it comes to repairs. This is must-have supply for any survival kit.

Ontario Military Machete

Ontario Military machete

This military grade machete is made from carbon steel and it’s giant at 24 inches long. Manu Toigo chose it as his must-have survival tool on season one, episode eight. The handle is made from molded plastic and it fits perfectly in your hand. This machete doesn’t only look incredibly fierce, but it is razor sharp and can cut through even the most stubborn jungle vines.

These are just nine of the dozens of survival tools we have spotted on “Naked and Afraid”. What are some other tools you have seen on the show that you would like to add to your prepping stash?

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