8 Supplies to Add to Your Bug Out Bag During Winter

When the temperatures get colder, you may need to evaluate the items in your bug out bag. Things that are helpful when it’s hot won’t be so useful in the winter months. These items need to be rotated out and replaced with winter essentials. Here are 8 supplies you should add to your bug out bag this winter.

  1. On The Move Thermal Stadium Blanket

thermal blanket

A good warm blanket is a winter gear essential. This blanket is budget friendly, and costs around $20. It measures nearly 5 feet by 4 feet so it is a great size to cover with in the car, or put in your camping gear. It is lightweight, too, which makes it a great addition to your car emergency kit. It is also moisture resistant, which is a plus in winter weather.

  1. Zip Grip Go Emergency Tire Traction Kit

zip grid tire kit

Most people don’t own tire chains unless they live in an area that gets dumped with lots of snow every year. However, every once in awhile a freak blizzard can hit and make your tires spin and slide. It’s a good idea to get a couple of these emergency traction kits to have in your trunk. It may help you or someone else get moving again if a vehicle is stuck. These work on snow, mud, and ice. This $30 investment could save you a hefty bill from a tow service!

  1. AAA Severe Winter Weather Travel Kit

aaa winter kit

I really like this all in one winter travel kit from AAA because it is great for someone who is new to building a bug out bag. It has 65 winter travel must haves, and fits in the trunk of your car. They thought of everything with this kit, which includes a first aid kit, fleece clothing, and even a shovel. This is a good starter kit for a new driver or for someone who doesn’t find themselves out much during winter weather.

  1. K2 Rescue Shovel Plus

rescue shovel

At just 1 pound, and 11 inches (folded down) this shovel is not only a shovel, but it can work as a sled as well. It is perfect for the trunk of your car, because you might find yourself needing to help someone shovel their car out of the snow. The bonus is that the blade can be used as a sled to help transport someone if they were unable to walk or were injured.

  1. Heat Factory Face Mask

heat factory mask

A good warm face mask is essential for your winter gear stash. This one is made in the USA, and fits most adults. It has double layers at the mouth and nose to block wind and snow, and covers the whole head, including the ears. I also like that this face mask has pockets that will hold hand warmer packets to provide extra warmth. Another bonus is that it has longer fabric at the neck so you can tuck it down into your shirt.

  1. Heat Factory Hand Warmers (40 Pair Pack)


heat packs

Hand warmers are definitely a winter bug out bag must have. They are value priced, which makes these a less than the cost of a canned soft drink per pair. You can put these in your bug out bag, your glove box, and even in your camping gear. You just never know when you might need these, and it’s always good to have extras. At less than $25 per box, you can get several boxes to have in your stash.

  1. Hot Hands Toe Warmers

toe warmers

Nothing is worse in the winter than cold feet. These toe warmers will be the key to keeping your feet warm while out in the winter weather. A 40 pair box is less than $40 and these can be put in your emergency supplies right alongside the hand warmers. Each pair lasts about 8 hours, so you can feel confident that your toes will stay toasty for a full day of playing in the snow or walking outside.

There are so many other winter emergency must haves you can add to your bug out bag, and these are just a sampling of them. I tried to select items that covered the gamut of needs for winter emergencies, but would still fit compactly in with your emergency travel gear. Do you have any other winter must haves?

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