7 Ways to Use a Soda Can for Survival

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on survival gear. Sometimes you just have to get creative with the stuff you already have on hand! A perfect example of this is the simple soda can. There are dozens of ways that you can turn a basic soda can into a survival multi-tool. Here are seven ways you could use a soda can in a survival situation. Check them out and then add your own creative survival ideas in the comment section!

Boil Water

Empty the soda can and then wash it out and fill it with water. Place the can near a campfire and leave it there until the water starts to boil. Once it boils, move it away from the fire and let it cool down and now you have potable water that is perfect for cleaning or hydration!

Start a Fire

If you have a small bar of chocolate on hand, rub it over the bottom of your soda can until it is well polished. Then it will have a mirror type effect and you can use it to bounce the sun’s rays towards your tinder and start a camp fire.

Keep Fishing Line From Tangling

When you build a survival fishing rig, you need a way to keep your line from tangling. The soda can is a perfect solution! Just wrap the line around the can over and over and you have an instant fishing reel.

Make a Fishing Hook

If you don’t have any hooks for fishing, just pop off the tab of our soda can. Use your pocket knife to cut away a small section and shape it into an impromptu hook. Then attach it to our fishing line and you are ready to catch some dinner.

Signal for Help

Use your knife to cut off the side of the soda can so that you have a curved strip of metal. Now you can raise it up to catch the sun’s light and use it to signal for help. If you aren’t having any luck, just try polishing the metal so it will better reflect the light.

Candle Holder

Keep your candle steady by propping in the soda can. Just cut off the top third of the can to create a little cup that is the perfect size to hold a standard pillar candle. This would also come in really handy if you need to carry the candle with you as you walk.

Carry Food As You Forage

If you happen to find a bush of edible berries, you don’t want to leave empty handed! Just cut off the top of your soda can to make a cup and then fill it up with berries or whatever else you can find that is edible. Then you can take along enough for another meal in case you end up hungry later on.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Can you think of other creative ways to use a soda can for survival?

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