7 Must Have Sanitation Supplies for Survival

I’ve heard it said that cleanliness is next to godliness and that is perhaps never more true than when you are thinking about survival. If SHTF, basic hygiene is going to be something that is a serious concern.

When it comes to prepping, some of the items most people overlook are items associated with hygiene. Items like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, etc. these items are needed and they go a long way towards making life a little easier. However there are some other hygiene related items that you might need that you may have overlooked. Here are 7 items that could make a huge different in your hygiene habits in an emergency.

  1. PURELL Sanitizing Hand Wipes Individually Wrapped

purell sanitizing wipes

Hand wipes are great to have for almost any occasion. These wipes will not only help you keep your hands clean but they can be used in a variety of other areas as well. I typically keep a pack of these wipes in the washroom, the garage, and even in the car. They are multipurpose and they hold up well. I also love that they are individually packed.

  1. Domestic Sanitation Portable Toilet

portable toilet

Toilets are items that we all use. We use them everyday. And while the business they handle is not something we like to think about, the truth is that we need to have a working toilet in all situations. In a SHTF scenario you will be glad to have a toilet like this can contain any and all bacteria/viruses that could come out. This is a must have item.

  1. United Facility Supply Bag-A-Rags Reusable Wiping Cloths

bag a rags

You can never have enough rags. There is always something that needs to wiped up or dried off. There are accidents that occur and messes that need to be tended to. The reality of the situation is that having a good rag supply could save you time, money, and unnecessary sickness. Take the time to invest in these kinds of items and you will already have a leg up on the sanitation issues that will occur.

  1. Sanitation Equipment Liquid Gold Crystal Deodorizer

crystal deoderizer

Have you ever spent an extended period of time in a cramped room with several people? Do you have a teenage son? If so then you are well aware of the need for having a deodorizing option for your home. Not only will this product work well but it works better than any other I have tried.

  1. Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper

camper toilet paper

This toilet paper is very good because to breaks down very fast. It will not clog a septic system like other toilet papers and it can be thrown outside as well. I am not advocating littering but this product is biodegradable and thus it is not hard on the environment.

  1. Clorox Bleach


I love Clorox. It is a wonderful product that has served my family well for many years. Honestly you can never have too much cleaner and this is by far the best sanitizing cleaner on the market. The odor can be harsh and the product can damage clothing. However it can disinfect a septic tank!

  1. Carrand Metal Head Standard Squeegee


Not only will your home be the place where you will most likely deal with SHTF issues, but it will also be the place where you have spills and other disasters to clean up. If you have a basement, like I do, then you are well aware of how tough it can be to clean the floor and then get it dry. Concrete loves to stay wet and it is very slick when wet. Why not use this squeegee and get the floor as dry as before you washed it?

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