7 Items You Should Never Leave Home Without

You never know what type of emergency you might end up in the middle of when you leave your home. As long as you have these 7 items with you, you will be able to survive anything you unexpected situation whether it’s a medical emergency or a real SHTF scenario.

A List of Contacts

The biggest mistake that many people are currently making is assuming that since they have the numbers of all their friends and family members programmed into their phone, that they no longer need to worry about keeping a slip of paper that lists their contacts in their wallet.

The problem with relying on your cell phone is that technology isn’t infallible. Batteries can die, phones can break, and they can be locked in cars. Having a list of contacts means you’ll be able to easily call someone to help you out. The list is also useful to medical personnel if you have a medical emergency and can’t communicate.

contact bookRecommended: This Black Spiral Bound Address Book is inexpensive and it’s the perfect size to keep tucked away in your car or your bug out bag.

A Knife

Legally, you’re not allowed to carry a knife with a long, fixed blade, but you should always have a small pocket knife tucked into your pocket or purse. Not only will you be able to use the knife if you need to defend yourself, but it’s also useful for doing things like cutting seatbelts if you’re in a car accident, to helping your remove a splinter.

While the knife does not have to be an expensive model, it should be high enough quality that the blade doesn’t break the first time you need to use it. Open the knife every so often to ensure that the spring function hasn’t rusted.

rescue knifeRecommended: This Smith and Wesson Rescue Knife is the perfect choice for use in an emergency. It’s well built and will hold up even after a lot of use.

A Flashlight

You should always have some type of flashlight on hand. Some people don’t like to carry one in their pocket, but you can still attach a pen light to your key ring. Not only does the flashlight allow you to see your way at night, but it also makes you more visible to passing motorist.

It is important that you make sure you frequently check your flashlight and make sure that it is in good working order. Don’t assume that because you rarely use it, that the batteries will be good. They drain as time goes by, even when not being actively used.

handcrank flashlightRecommended: The Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight can also double as a cell phone charger. You won’t have to worry about carrying extra batteries and you will always have peace of mind that a sturdy light is within reach when you need it.

A Lighter

Just because you don’t smoke, it doesn’t mean you will never have use for a lighter. You should get used to having one close at hand. Not only does the lighter make it easy for you to relight pilot lights, it will also help you start a fire if you find yourself stranded in the middle of the wilderness. The fire will keep you warm, cause wildlife to avoid you, and help searches track down your location.

turboflame lighterRecommended: This Turbo Flame Wind Proof Lighter is a good choice for your bug out bag or emergency kit. It can produce up to 800 ignitions and will light even at upside down angles. It works even at high altitudes and in strong winds so it’s perfect in an emergency situation.

A Notepad

You don’t have to carry a fancy journal around with you whenever you leave the house, but you should have a notepad. Something cheap and small. The notepad will come in handy if you get in a car accident and need to exchange driver information, get stranded and need to leave notes for the rescue party, and will let you write quick reminder notes to yourself.


Recommended: This Live Scribe Flip Note Pad is the perfect size to keep on hand in your bug out bag or in your car. The sturdy cover will ensure that your notes stay dry and protected even if you are traveling through nasty rainy conditions.

A Pen

There’s no point in having a notepad if you don’t have a way to write stuff down, so keep an good pen clipped to your notepad at all times.

pen toolRecommended: This Kikkerland 4-in-1 Pen Tool will be a great addition to your preps! You can job down notes, but it also includes a flathead screwdriver attachment, a level, and a ruler. You get multiple tools in one compact package so it’s a real steal at a great price.

A Cell Phone

Before you leave your house, you need to check and make sure that your cell phone is fully charged and secured to your person. Not only will the phone be a useful tool if you get into trouble, but if you get lost and need to be rescued, the authorities can use your phone’s GPS unit to determine your location and come to pick you up.

To ensure that your phone always works when you need it, you should choose a carrier that gets a signal in all the places where you live. The phone should also be encased something that will protect it from drops and water damage. If you lose your phone, you need to act quickly and have it deactivated and reorder a replacement model.

att go phoneRecommended: You don’t have to spend a fortune on a cell phone! This AT&T Go Phone is a good choice because you can store information inside and only buy the minutes you need. Keep it fully charged and stored in your bug out bag so you always have a phone on hand when you need one.

When you have these seven items on your person, you will never have to worry that you’ll be unprepared for whatever situation you might encounter while you’re away from your home.

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