7 Best Survival Accessories

When looking for survival gear, especially small accessories, you want to purchase things that will be useful, and not be a waste of money. You want to be smart about these purchases as they could help you to survive! There are a lot of gadgets out there, but it’s hard to know what is actually worth your time and money. Here are 7 of my favorite survival accessories that I’ve included in my bug out gear.

  1. Basics Survival Kit

basics survival kit

This is a basic, one person survival kit. It is perfect for putting in a bug out bag, glove box, or adding to your emergency kit to share with someone else. It is less than $20, and has food, water, a flashlight, first aid items, and even a sleeping bag. This is also great to throw into your camping gear stash, too!

  1. SideKick Rescue Tool

rescue tool

This little tool is a multipurpose accessory that will definitely come in handy. It can cut a seat belt, has a chisel point blade, and can be carried around the neck or on a bootstrap. It is around $60, and makes a great gift for the hunter, camper, or survival enthusiast.

  1. Teton Internal Frame Backpack

teton scout backpack

A good backpack/bug out bag is an essential piece of survival gear. You are going to need something sturdy, well made, and easy to carry for your survival items. This one has an internal frame, and its designed to be easy on your back. It even has a rain shield to protect your stuff from getting wet. It has several outside pockets, which is great, because you can put important items there, so that they are easy to get too. I also like that this bag has adjustable straps and an adjustable frame, so it could be shared by people of different sizes.

  1. XBT Scribe Light Pen

xbt scribe light pen

A good small flashlight is a great item to add to your emergency gear. This pen not only is a writing instrument, but also is a water resistant flashlight! It also has a replaceable ink cartridge and battery, so you won’t have to toss it when the ink runs out, or the battery dies. It is also impact resistant!

  1. Leather Reinforced Work Gloves

leather work gloves

A good pair of sturdy gloves is a great thing to toss in your emergency pack. You never know if you will have to do a task like chopping wood or pulling brush. Without gloves, your hands will be full of blisters in no time. Consider getting some for everyone in your family.

  1. Sentinel Watch

sentinel watch

Any person who spends a lot of time camping or hiking will tell you a good watch is good investment. This particular watch is a little over $200, but is water resistant to 100 meters, the face won’t chip or scratch, and the battery lasts nearly 4 years!

  1. 2 Person Emergency Bivvy

emergency bivvy

If you don’t have an emergency sleeping bag in your survival gear, this is a product you should definitely consider buying. This one holds two adults, but could also hold a parent and child or two children. It would be better to have it and not need it, than find yourself outdoors with no sleeping shelter and wish you had bought it. At less than $20, it is a budget friendly item!

Hopefully these items will give you some ideas of survival accessories you may want to buy. These are just a sampling of the ones that are out there, but they are some of the best! What are your favorite survival items that you have collected?

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