7 Best Secret Storage Containers

If an intruder broke into your house tomorrow, would it be easy to find all of your valuables? Experienced thieves know exactly where to look to find hidden money, jewelry, and guns. If you think your sock drawer is a sufficient hiding place, it’s time to reconsider. Check out these 7 best secret storage containers that are perfect for hiding valuables in plain sight!

  1. Pringles Can Safe

pringles can

Unless the thief gets hungry, your stash will be safe squirreled away in this Pringles can safe! It looks just like a normal container of chips, but the bottom pops off to reveal a compartment with plenty of room to stash cash, credit cards, or small jewelry.

  1. Gun Concealment Clock

gun clockNo one will ever guess that the beautiful clock on your mantel is hiding important documents, money, or a small firearm. That’s what makes it the perfect choice. You could stash these clocks in carefully selected locations around your home for easy access to self defense weapons in case of emergencies.

  1. Southwest Specialty Candle Safe

candle safeThis beautiful candle will look nice on your dining room table’s centerpiece and even the sneakiest intruder will never dream to check inside! The secret metal storage area inside will keep your valuables safe and you can still burn it like a candle for up to 20 hours.

  1. Paint Can Safe

paint can safe

Stash some extra money or store your old coins and jewelry in this safe disguised as a paint can. This would be a perfect choice to stick out in the garage near your bug out bag. You could even place it in your car trunk to keep emergency cash safely tucked away in an unexpected place.

  1. Hanging Closet Security Safe

closet safe

I love this hanging closet safe because it holds a lot of items! It looks like an ordinary shirt when you stick it in the closet, but lift the material and you will find pockets that are the perfect size to hide ammo, your grandmother’s pearls, or a big wad of money that you are saving for a rainy day.

  1. Wall Mount Picture Frame Safe

picture frame safe

Show off your favorite family photos in this wall mount photo frame. Not only is it beautiful, but if you open the frame from the hinges, it will reveal a safe that is inserted into the wall. This is a genius way to stash a firearm in your bedroom where the kids never know it’s there and an intruder will never be able to find it.

  1. Diversion Books

diversion books

Add a few diversion books to your coffee table, bookshelf, or bedside table. Inside, you can stash all kinds of hidden valuables. By adding several well placed diversion books in your home, you can effectively hide all of your most important possessions in plain sight!

These are just a handful of many creative options to keep your valuables safe and secure. What are some other hiding places that your family uses to keep your important possessions hidden?

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