The 7 Best Backpacks for Bugging Out

Preppers spend a lot of time talking about bug out bags. We want to make sure we have the best gear for every possible disaster scenario and we’re constantly reevaluating the items we will depend on for survival. But far too often, we overlook the need for a high quality bag. If your bug out bag isn’t able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, the items inside will be easily lost or damaged. An ordinary backpack just won’t be strong enough to handle a difficult bug out journey, especially if the weather is nasty. Invest in a good bug out bag and it will pay off in big ways if you are ever depending on it to get through an emergency. Here are seven bug out backpacks that are proven and reliable.

Motion 60 Ultralight Backpack

The Motion 60 is an excellent choice for anyone who has a medium or long torso. The backpack is designed to hold up to 55 pounds of supplies and make it feel like you’re not carrying anything at all. The backpack is built on a pressurized air framesheet that is a great deal lighter than the aluminum frame manufactures have traditionally used. The bag is designed so the weight of your pack stays close to your center of gravity and it won’t vibrate with each step, reducing the amount of energy required to carry it.

Mountainsmith Youth Scout External Frame Backpack

Adults aren’t the only ones who need a good bug out bag, you’re kids do to. The Mountainsmith Youth Scout External Frame Backpack is a great choice. The bag is small enough for smaller bodies to handle easily, but has the capacity to hold all the supplies someone needs to take with them when they leave home in a hurry. The bag is durable, attractive, and a good deal. In addition to being a great bug out bag, many kids like it when they go to camp or on backpacking adventures with their friends. Smaller adults who struggle to manage larger bags will be happy with the Mountainsmith Youth Scout External Frame Backpack.

K-Cliffs Crestridge Backpack

You will be hard pressed to find a bag with more storage space than the Crestridge Internal Frame Backpack. The internal storage capacity is huge, 6,000 cubic inches, plus there are all sorts of pockets for additional storage which also make it easy for you to quickly find the contents. The bag is designed to fit closely to your torso, making it easy to carry.

The bag comes with a rain cover so you don’t have to worry about your supplies getting wet if you’re caught in a down pour. The bag includes a separate compartment for your sleeping bag.

K-Cliffs Internal Frame Backpack

The K-Cliffs Internal Frame Backpack is a budget friendly bug out bag. The bag measure 25.5″x17.5″x6″ and the main compartment provides you with 3,200 cubic inches of storage space. The bag also includes several individual storage pouches that are perfect for things you need to quickly access such as knives and flashlights. The bag is a comfortable size for most torsos.

Teton 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

You’ll be hard pressed to find a backpack better suited to work as a bug out bag than the hunter green Teton 3400 Internal Frame Backpack. The color reduces the odds of anyone spotting you as you move through the wilderness. The bag is designed to be comfortable and lightweight, even when you’ve filled with your survivalist gear. Features you’ll adore include:

  • Compression straps
  • Zippered pockets
  • Lumbar support
  • It’s hydration ready

The bag is designed to keep your supplies dry, even when you’re hiking through rainy or snowy conditions. The bag has an internal capacity of 3400 cubic inch.

Mountainsmith Juniper 55 Internal Frame Deluxe Women’s Backpack

One of the problems many female preppers have when it comes to bug out bags is that the bags aren’t designed to work well with their center of gravity since the bags are designed for a large torso. The Mountainsmith Juniper 55 Internal Frame Deluxe Women’s Backpack provides the perfect solution. The bag is designed to fit slimmer shoulders and a narrower, shorter torso.

The detachable day back provides additional storage options. The bag also has an interesting U-shaped main compartment that makes the bag easier to organize. Some of the bags special features include Parallel Y-Frame Suspension, a separate sleeping bag compartment, and Load distributing Lumbar Control Point™ pad. The internal compartment features 3539 cubic inches of storage space.

Trail Hiker Backpack

With its 2,800 cubic inches of internal storage space and side zippered pockets, the The Trail Hiker backpack provides you with plenty of room for the gear you need if you have to bug out. The back features side zippered pockets, rip stop nylon, and a bottle holder. It’s comfortable and easy to carry.

These are just a few of the many backpacks out there designed to handle harsh conditions. What kind of bug out bag do you plan to use?

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