5 Must-Have SHTF Supplies You Probably Overlooked

If you are like me, one of the most frustrating feelings is making a list for the store, buying all your items, and getting home only to realize you forgot to add something to the list, and you’re completely out. In our house, it always seems to be toilet paper! Or maybe you take a trip and think you packed all the essentials, only to find out you don’t have a toothbrush with you. The same is true for making your emergency preps. Many preppers make the mistake of thinking they have everything checked off the list, only to find there is an essential piece of gear or other item that they are in need of, but don’t have. When the SHTF, you might not have the opportunity to run out to the store and grab the items you missed. Here are some things to get now, so you don’t overlook them:

#1 – Kotex Click Regular Compact Tampons


Even if you are a male, and you live alone, or you are family household with no menstruating females, these feminine products can come in super handy. They can be used to pack wounds or even squelch a nosebleed. You can deconstruct them and use them for fire starters, or you can keep them in sealed packages and use them as a bartering tool.

#2 – Stay Free Maxi Pads – Bulk Case

maxi pads

Like tampons, maxi pads are also a valuable bartering tool, and can be used for all sorts of things besides their intended use. They can be used to cover a wound or cut and keep it dry, or as an eye patch to keep debris or dirt from an injured eye. They can also be ice packs, when squirted with an alcohol and water mixture and frozen.

#3 – Preparation H Max Strength Hemorrhoid Cream

preparation h

We all hate to be seen buying this in the store, because just the name can make us flush with embarrassment, but it has a worthy spot in the prepper’s arsenal. Not only will it work for its intended use, but it’s been a loosely kept secret that many people use it to smooth out wrinkles. I also learned because it is anti inflammatory, it can calm down bug bites or stings. Who knew?? Also, like other medical supplies, you can use it for bartering. Can you imagine being stuck out in the wild, just trying to survive, and having a hemorrhoid flare up?

#4 – Oraline Dental Floss – 72 Pack

oraline floss

Are you one of the many people who know they don’t floss like they should? Well, don’t throw out that floss just yet, and you may want to buy this case of 72, because dental floss could be the prepper’s best friend. You can use dental floss for fishing line, sewing up a tarp, or even stitching up a cut. And, it travels well. You can toss several packs in everyone’s bug out bag and it won’t add any noticeable weight at all. Keep some in your glove box and your purse. Put a case in your big emergency kit, too.

#5 – Huggies Snug Fit Case of Diapers


If you don’t have a baby in the house, you may wonder why diapers should be on your SHTF must have list. Diapers, of course, have one main use, but they also have many others. They can help to protect a wound by keeping it clean and dry. They can also be used as padding for postpartum moms if you don’t have any pads. Diapers are known for pulling moisture away from the surface and holding it, so they are perfect for putting in the ground around the roots of a plant to help it hold water. Also, after a disaster, diapers will be in high demand, so keeping several packs of various sizes would allow you to barter or help others by giving them away.

While these might not seem like traditional supplies to stock up on for an emergency, as you can see, they definitely have some outside of the box uses!

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