5 Must Have Emergency Medical Supplies

You can never be too prepared for a medical emergency, but first aid is one of the most overlooked areas for many preppers. A basic first aid kit is a good first step, but don’t stop there. You also need some specialty supplies if you are going to be really prepared in a SHTF scenario. Here are five must have emergency supplies that I recommend for every prepper.

  1. Israeli Bandage 

israeli bandage

The Israeli bandage can save a life! It is truly miraculous and it is the number one survival medical supply that I recommend to my friends when they start prepping. Basically, it works by applying targeted compression to a severe wound. There is an absorbent pad that fits directly on the wound and then you wrap it tightly and pull it through the clip. Then you wind it around in the opposite direction until it tightens down into position. Once the wound if completely wrapped, the clip pushes down over the wound site. These come in a sterile vacuum pack and they are vital if you ever need to treat a gun shot or stab wound.

  1. Halo Chest Seal

Halo chest seal

In a worst care scenario, the Halo Seal could save someone’s life. It is made to treat a penetrating wound to the chest that could potentially cause a collapsed lung. When someone sustains a serious chest wound, they end up sucking air in through the wound into the chest cavity, but the lungs don’t actually get any air. Eventually the injured person suffocates and dies. That’s where the Halo seal can save a life – it closes off the hole in the chest and forces the air to go into the lungs where it belongs. It is strong enough to stick in place, even if the victim is covered in blood.

  1. Sam Splint 

sam splint

The Sam Splint is a must have supply for emergency medical care. It is even used for first aid by NASA on space missions. It is very moldable and easy to work with and you can cut through it with regular household scissors. This splint is super strong and can be used to splint any bone in the human body.

  1. Dynarex Instant Cold Pack

instant cold pack

If someone gets hurt and you have no electricity, you won’t have the option of grabbing an ice pack out of the freezer. This instant cold pack is the perfect off grid solution! In fact, we keep a couple in our emergency car kits and have used them a handful of times when the kids fell and sprained an ankle or skinned a knee. They really do get cold in a hurry and work very well. I’ve tried a couple of brands, but Dynarex is by far the best one I’ve ever tried.

  1. Quik Clot

quik clot

Quik Clot is another must have medical supply. If someone gets injured and is bleeding profusely, you just open up the package and place the sterile mesh sponge on the wound and wrap it up. It automatically helps the blood to clot so bleeding is controlled until you can get help from medical personnel.

If you haven’t already purchased these five supplies for your medical preps, do it today. These are an investment in the future of your family and there is no excuse for skimping when it comes to medical preparedness.

What are some other emergency medical supplies that you recommend?

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2 comments on «5 Must Have Emergency Medical Supplies»

  1. Dennis Sanchez says:

    You recommended having a split kit in your emergency medical supplies, as they are very helpful. I’ve been thinking about putting together a quality first aid kit but was curious as to what specifically I should include. I’ll definitely have to find a splint, as that could really save someone a lot of pain.

  2. mgenmedical.com says:

    You gotta be careful and keep track of your supplies. The same way you keep track of your groceries 🙂

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