29 Ways to Use a Basic Bandana for Survival

Did you know that a basic bandana could save your life in a SHTF scenario? Bandanas might see pretty ordinary, but with the right expertise, they become extraordinary tools. Here is a list of 29 ways that a bandana can be used in a survival situation.

Territory Marker – Knowing where you are in a survival situation is key. You always need to have the basic idea of the direction you are traveling. Cutting your bandana into smaller pieces and then placing them in plants or trees will help you mark your territory.

Knee or Elbow Pads – Bandanas are not the best tool for this job but if you find yourself in a situation where you are crawling on your hands and knees, this could be a way to keep the skin on your body.

Grease Removal – Having a rag is always a good thing. A bandana could be the best way for you to clean up a mess in your campsite. Perhaps you need to wipe a few pots and pans clean.

Wrap Leftovers – Instead of carrying the leftovers in your bag or in your hands, why not wrap them in your bandana?

Dog Leash – If your pet is continually running off you might consider cutting your bandana into strips and using it as a leash.

Chew Toy – Pets love toys and they might need something to keep them busy during the SHTF situation.

Wind Direction – A bandana can be used to determine the direction of the wind.

Polish Your Shoes – After wading through the muck and mud, a bandana can help you clean the filth off shoes so you can continue your trek.

Personal Alert – Tie the bandana to a door to let people know you are in the room. Tie it to a tree to alert your family when you have left the camp.

Sponge – A bandana can be used as a sponge to absorb water. Mop up a mess or use it to clean up your cooking area.

Toothbrush – By wiping your bandana on your teeth you have the ability to remove tartar buildup. Sure, it’s not as effective as brushing, but it will be a step in the right direction.

Tea Bag – Place your herbs in a bandana and then tie the bandana closed. Use it as a tea bag to steep your brew.

Bikini – With a little creativity, women can tie bandanas to form a bikini! Consider it the latest fashion in a SHTF world.

Knife Sheath – If you need a place to keep your knife then a bandana could be the best option if you do not have a sheath.

Ear Muffs – Cold weather is brutal on ears. A bandana can be tied around your head to cover your ears.

Replacement Gas Cap – Stuff the bandana into the open gas tube and it will help seal the tube on your car or truck.

Belt – Tie a few bandanas together and they can be used to hold up your pants.

Eye Patch – If you have an eye injury that needs to be covered a bandana will work just fine. It might not be the best option but it could be your only option.

Gag – If you are in the situation where you need to keep someone quiet, a bandana could make a great gag.

Toilet Paper – This should be pretty self-explanatory! When the toilet paper runs out, a bandana would at least be a little softer than leaves.

Signal for Help – Use a brightly colored bandana to gain the attention of passers by.

Tourniquet – If you have a serious injury and are bleeding badly then you could use your bandana to tie off the wound and stop the bleeding.

Sling – Bandanas can be used to make arm slings to stabilize arm injuries.

Ankle Wrap – If you have an ankle injury that needs to be wrapped, use a bandana and just wrap it tightly and tie it into place.

Towel – Bandanas are thin and lightweight so they will make a great towel substitute. Just make sure you keep more than one on hand!

Weapon – Fill the bandana with rocks and tie it closed. This will make a seriously deadly weapon if you hit someone with it.

First Stage Water Filter – Bandanas will filter the big stuff from the water but not the microbes.

Sun Protection – Bandanas are great for hiding your face or neck from the sun.

Blow Your Nose – A runny nose can be a major problem when you are in the middle of nowhere without a tissue in sight. Bandanas can work as a makeshift tissue in a pinch.

There are hundreds of ways that a bandana can be used in a survival situation. The point here was not to give you all the ways but to help you see just how useful a simple square piece of cloth can be in a SHTF scenario. Can you think of other ways to use a bandana?

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