25 Survival Uses for Salt

Salt is something we cannot survive without. Most of us know that. What you might not know is that in a survivalist situation, there are 25 different uses for the salt you’ve saved.

Preserving Food

It doesn’t matter if you need to save meat or vegetables, salt is a great way to increase it’s shelf life. The trick is to get the amount just right or else the food you’re trying to preserve will be too salty for you to eat.

Improving the Taste of Food

The problem with the food we save to help us survive emergency situations is that it is often a bit bland. Adding just a dash of salt is a great way to improve the taste.

Rust Removal

Once something starts to rust, it’s doesn’t usually take long before it also develops holes and eventually becomes unusable. A mixture that’s made up of 6 parts salt and 2 parts lemon juice can be rubbed on the rusty spot with a dry cloth. After the salty paste has been rubbed dry, the rust will be gone!


If you run out of your processed food, a small amount of salt will provide you with the dietary sodium your body needs in order to function properly.

Alternative to Toothpaste

If you don’t like brushing your teeth with baking soda, you can make a paste out of salt and use it instead.

Degreasing Dishes

You have better things to do with your time than trying to scrub the grease from one of your iron pans. Toss a little salt in the pan and wipe it with a bit of paper towel and the mess will practically take care of itself.

Removing Stains from Dishes

Coffee and tea is great, but what it does to the interior of your mugs isn’t. No matter how much you scrub at them, the stains remain. Salt is the solution. Just rub a little over the stain and it will disappear.

Dousing Fires

No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that a bit of grease can cause a flame burst while grilling meat. Toss a little salt on the flames and they’ll be doused.

Cleaning Your Oven

There are times when something you bake ends up bubbling over and drips on the bottom of your oven. The best way to deal with the baked on mess is putting a handful of salt on the blob. Once the spot has cooled, you’ll be able to quickly and easily wipe it away.

Extend the Shelf Life of Your Milk

All it takes to keep your milk good longer is mixing in a pinch of salt.

Removing Fish Scales

Scaling fish can be a messy business, but if you let your fish soak in salt water for a little while beforehand, you’ll find that the scales practically fall away.

Make Perfect Pancakes

When you rub a little salt onto your griddle before you make pancakes, you’ll find they don’t stick and are picture perfect when you serve them.

Extend the Life of Your Flowers

The next time you have freshly cut flowers, put a dash of table salt in the vase water which will help keep the flowers looking great for a long time.

Eliminate Pesky Weeds

Spray a little salt water on your patio and it will serve as a natural deterrent to weeds. Just make sure you don’t get any on your lawn or flower beds.

Ease Bee Stings

Mix a tiny bit of salt with a few drops of water and apply it to a bee sting. The pain will disappear.

Eliminate Ants

When you put salt on your window sills and doorways, ants will leave your home alone.

Keep Walk Ways Safe

Salt lowers the freezing temperature so sprinkling some on walkways and steps will help keep them safe during the winter months.

Make Your Own Soap

If you make your own soap you will need to use salt to make sure it hardens properly.

Clear your Sinuses

When your sinuses are clogged, you should mix equal parts salt and baking soda which can be used as a nasal rinse.

Eliminate Odor

A half cup of salt poured directly into your garbage disposal will reduce that irritating garbage smell. It can also be used to keep trash cans smelling fresh.

Test Your Eggs

Let your eggs soak in a cup of water that you’ve added 2 teaspoons of salt to. If the egg is fresh, it will sink to the bottom. If it floats, you want to throw it away.

Shorten Boiling Time

A dash of salt to your water will cause it to boil faster.

Sore Throat Cure

Gargling a little warm water and salt will ease your throat. The best combination is ¼ teaspoon of salt to ½ cup of warm water.

Freshen Your Cutting Boards

The next time you notice your cutting boards smell a little off, just rub some salt on them before washing them and the smell will disappear.

Foot Bath

Take a gallon and a half of water add ¼ cup of baking soda and an equal amount of salt and allow your feet to soak for about 15 minutes. They will feel rejuvenated.

These are just a few of the many ways salt can be beneficial in a SHTF situation. What are some other ways you plan to use salt?

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