17 Unusual Survival Supplies to Add to Your Preps

When you first begin prepping, you think about all the basics: food, water, first aid, and extra batteries. But once you have those essential items stocked up and ready to go, it’s time to move to the next level of prepping by gathering supplies that often get left out. Check out these 17 unusual survival supplies that could make a big difference in your odds during a true SHTF situation.

  1. Aluminum Foil – This simple supply could make a world of difference for you in a survival situation. Use it to cook your food, fashion a make shift bowl, or reflect sunlight.
  1. Ax – An ax will come in really handy if you are in need of firewood to keep warm. Imagine trying to gather enough wood to keep a continuous fire going if you didn’t have this tool!
  1. Baby Wipes – As a mom, we have had baby wipes on hand since my children were born. However, I never quit buying them even though the diaper days are now long gone. They are great for a quick clean up or to wipe off hands in a pinch.
  1. Bicycle Supplies – If you have to travel on foot, a bike could save you a lot of valuable time. But you should keep some bike supplies on hand too. A pump for the tires and even some extra chains could be a lifesaver.
  1. Book Lights – Reading is a great form of entertainment and if we ever faced an EMP attack, our days of watching TV or surfing the Internet would be long gone. Book lights are a great way to read at night without wasting valuable flashlight batteries. Plus most of these little lights last for a long, long time!
  1. Books – You will need some books to go along with your book lights. Make sure you have a good stock of books for all age ranges in your family. Include some classics in the bunch!
  1. Bug Spray – Suffering from mosquito bites is miserable, but if you are stuck outdoors or you have to be outside for long periods of time at dusk or dawn, the bugs can be killer. Keep bug spray in your preps to ward off this itchy problem.
  1. Bouillon Cubes – These little cubes are magical and can turn ordinary water into a nourishing stock. They also lend a lot of flavor to otherwise bland meals.
  1. Calendars – If you didn’t have that handy calendar app in your phone, how would you keep track of the days? You need an old fashioned paper calendar in your preps, just in case.
  1. Candy – Candy is not only a moral booster, but it can also be a quick solution when your blood sugar is low and your energy is fading. Hard candy is best because it will keep for a long time.
  1. Cloth Diapers – Even if you don’t have a baby (or expect to have one in the future), cloth diapers are an excellent prep because they are super absorbent and handy. They are a little larger than the average washcloth and could even be a good solution for a quick bandage.
  1. Clothes Line and Clothes Pins – Have you thought about how you would do laundry if you didn’t have electricity? You will need a simple clothes line and some clothespins to hang your clean laundry out to dry.
  1. Condoms – This might seem like a strange item, but it’s still necessary. In the midst of a SHTF situation, finding out that you are suddenly pregnant could be terrifying. Don’t forget to prep some protection!
  1. Ear Plugs – Imagine how you would feel trying to sleep in a major catastrophe. If you are hunkered down in your home and taking turns keeping watch, you need to sleep when you have the chance. But every little noise will make you jump in this new scary existence. That’s why you should include several good quality sets of ear plugs in your preps.
  1. Extra Glasses and Repair Kit – If you wear glasses, you should always keep a backup pair in your emergency supplies. It’s also wise to put an eyeglass repair kit with your preps in case you need to make any adjustments.
  1. Instant Coffee – Are you a caffeine addict? Would the end of electricity mean the end of your coffee habit? If you keep plenty of instant coffee on hand, you have nothing to fear. Sure, it might not be Starbucks, but it will work in a pinch. Plus it’s a great bartering item to have on hand.
  1. Notebook and Pencils – Having access to a notebook and pencils would be so helpful in a bad situation. You could make lists, brainstorm ideas, sketch out plans, or just record what’s happening so you have a historic reminder when you look back on the perilous days you are living through.

Can you think of some other unusual items that are especially useful for preppers?

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