15 Ways to Use Panty Hose for Survival

Remember the aisles in Walmart filled with the panty hose eggs? Walking up and down those aisles, the options were endless. You will find lots of colors, textures, sizes, etc. Who knew you can use them for survival? Below we will discuss 15 ways you can use those panty hose for more than just beauty and support!

  1. Warm up!

Layering up is a great choice when trying to stay warm, but you’d be amazed how well a pair of pantyhose under your pants will keep you warm in the frigid temps. If men venture to try this, you may need to make some adjustments for comfort sake.

  1. Prevent Bug Bites

Put a pair of pantyhose on your legs and/or your arms to prevent small bugs from using your skin for lunch. 

  1. Mosquito Net

Unfortunately, mosquitos are not deterred from wearing hose on your skin. They can still bite through the netting, the little buggers. But, we have another way to keep them away. Cut several pairs of hose lengthwise and sew them together to make your own net to hang a barrier around you as you sleep.

  1. First Aid 

Panty hose can easily be used as a tourniquet if the need arises. They can also be used to help secure a bandage or ice pack on an injury. Their elasticity isn’t just great for great shape!

  1. Storage

Because of their stretchiness, hose can also be used to carry items or collect and store items. Small items like berries, nuts, and herbs can be gathered in them easily. Larger items like garlic, onions, or potatoes will store longer if they are hanging up instead of laying down. Panty hose are a great option for this as you can separate each piece by a knot and hang it up by a nail or hook. Since they are also breathable, the hose will help the food stay fresher longer.

  1. Keep Animals Away 

Fill a pair of pantyhose with pet or human hair and place them out around your garden. This little idea will deter deer and other sneaky animals from coming after your long awaited vegetable garden. Stretching them over some of the larger veggies can help create a barrier so the animals can’t eat them.

  1. Purify Water

Because of the filter type design that pantyhose possess, you can easily use them to filter the dirt and debris out of your water when conventional methods are not at hand. Simply stretch them over a container and pour your water through.

  1. Dry Food 

Put in the hose any food you pick that needs to dry out and hang them out in the sun.

  1. Dry Tinder 

Damp tinder is useless! Rather than store it in your pocket or another location that doesn’t help, simply put it in some hose and hang it out to dry!

  1. Fishing Net 

Although you won’t be able to catch any marlin with store bought pantyhose, you can stretch them across a “Y” shaped branch to make a small net. Try your hand at some tadpoles, small fish, crawdads, etc. 

  1. Hunting 

Tie off a few rocks in a pair of hose and use it to launch at birds and/or small animals for food.

  1. Make a Rope

If you twist the hose tightly, you can make strong rope to use for tying things up or binding up materials.

  1. Fix Your Car

Believe it or not, but you can use a pair of hose to replace your fan belt long enough to make it to the mechanic! 

  1. Dust Mask

Hose placed over your face will not keep toxins from evading, however, they are really good for keeping the dust out of your eyes.

  1. Blister Resister

Finally, if you know you have to hike for a long stint, put on a pair of pantyhose to prevent nasty blisters from forming on your feet.

Not sure how you feel, but having this information makes surviving in the wild look a little easier to me. Are you stocking up on panty hose? Do you have a set tucked in your bug out bag yet?

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