13 Best Tools For Serious Survivalists

If you are serious about having the right gear for any survival situation, then there is a lot of equipment you need to gather. While a simple multi-purpose tool will meet a lot of your needs, don’t overlook the benefits of tools made for specific tasks. Whether you are prepping to survive in the wilderness or just building up your tool inventory for your family’s homestead, take a look at these 13 best survival tools and see which ones you need to add to your supplies.

1. Military Style 5-in-1 Multi Purpose Tool

1. Military Style 5-In-1

If you are searching for a great multipurpose tool that will hold up during harsh conditions, check out the Military Style 5-in-1 tool. The heavy steel construction makes it perfect to withstand frequent use. It includes a compass, shovel, saw, axe, and pick plus a nice nylon carrying case.

2. Tomahawk Compact Ax

2. Tomahawk Compact Full Tang Axe With Spike

The Tomahawk Compact Ax is only 8 ½ inches long, but the stainless steel construction makes it a great pick for preppers. The black grip is comfortable to hold so you can use it for chopping small branches to build your shelter’s roof. It’s also the perfect size to throw as a weapon against predators.

3. Tomahawk Ninja Machete

3. Tomahawk Full Tang Ninja Machete & Sheath

You can’t go wrong with this Ninja machete. The massive blade measures 14 5/8 inches and it’s sharp enough to chop down thick roots or tree branches. It includes a nice black nylon sheath and an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. This would be a good choice for hiking or bugging out in wilderness areas.

4. Full Tang Hunting Camping Knife With Fire Starter

4. Full Tany Hunting Camping Knife

This is no ordinary knife! The Full Tang Hunting Camping Knife has a stainless steel blade with deep serrations. The grip is secure and comfortable and the included sheath is easy to secure. Overall, it’s a great survival tool because it’s versatile and practical. Plus, it includes a nice magnesium fire starter.

5. Folding Entrenching Survival Shovel Tool

5. Survival Shovel Serrated

This versatile camping companion is quality tempered steel construction with a rubber grip. The versatility of a shovel and a dibble pick–this piece also folds into a compact size and includes nylon carrying pouch for lightweight transport.

6. Military GI Style C-Cell Anglehead Flashlight

6. GI Style C Cell Light

Every serious prepper needs a good flashlight and this one far exceeds average. The Military GI Style has an angled head with four lenses, a metal belt clip, and a spare bulb. It is made for heavy duty work and can withstand a lot of use, even in tight quarters. The colored lenses are perfect for survival. The red lens is good for night vision, which is something many preppers don’t think about until they need it. It also offers a switch to make it flash. The pulsing light would be a good solution to signal for help.

7. WatchFire Camper’s Hatchet

7. WatchFire campers hatchet

This super sharp hatchet has a black finish stainless steel blade. The skid proof handle makes it comfortable to carry and it’s lightweight enough for easy transport when you are bugging out. The cover has a heavy-duty belt loop that would come in really handy while traveling on foot.

8. CRKT Eat’N Tool Minimal Multi-Tool

8. CRKT Eat N Tool

New York City design Liong Mah designed this tool to be practical for outdoor adventures. It offers a spoon/fork and a bottle opener to help you with dinner around the campfire. There is also an emergency screwdriver blade that you can use to open up cans. The tool also has three wrench reliefs for emergency repairs!

9. Gerber Gator Machete

9. Gerber Gator Machete

If you are looking for a seriously sharp tool, check out the Gator Machete. One side offers a 15-inch fine blade and the other side has an 18-inch saw blade. The rubber grip offers easy control and the included sheath is perfect for keeping your blades protected and sharp while not in use.

10. Coleman Folding Saw

10. Coleman folding saw

This folding saw offers a sturdy 7-inch blade that is thick enough to handle large branches. It’s lightweight and surprisingly small so you can easily stash it in your bug out bag or hiking pack. I really like the latch on this saw because it has a locking mechanism that really insures safety.

11. 3-in-1 Survival Hatchet Hammer Pry Bar

11. 3 in 1 universal emergency survival

Why carry around three heavy tools when this survival 3-in-1 can do it all! It provides you with a pry bar, hatchet, and hammer all in one convenient tool that you can stash in your backpack or stow away in your trunk.

12. Sportsman Pocket Chain Saw

12. sportsman pocket chainsaw

When you need to take down some large trees to construct a sturdy shelter, this pocket chain saw could be a lifesaver. The heavy duty metal brackets will rip through wood with surprising ease and they can be re-sharpened if they ever get dull. Some pocket style chain saws feature short one-directional chains, but Sportsman designed this model to outshine them all. The 36-inch chain is much longer than average pocket designs and the teeth will tear through wood in both directions. Sportsman promises that it would cut through a 3-inch limb in under 10 seconds!

13. 19-in-1 Keychain Pocket Multi-Tool

13. swiss tech 19 in 1 pocket tool

This tiny tool is packed with functionality! It offers 19 essential survival tools in one device that can attach to your key ring. You get a file, bottle opener, hand drill, wire crimper, wire stripper, wire cutter, 2 rulers, 2 ruler extensions, pliers, 2 hex wrenches, and 6 screwdrivers!

Have you tried any of these survival tools? What is your must-have tool for bugging out?

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